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Three Years Today

Three years ago I gave up smoking. I've not smoked a single cigarette in that time.

It makes me unbelievably happy to read those words.

I smoked a lot, for many, many years and never thought I would be able to give up. But I did.

Its like Chrissie Hynde said - ' giving up smoking? It was like 40 years of thinking about it, and about 2 days of actually doing it'.

To everyone just starting out, or at any stage of being a non-smoker - Stick at it! You know it makes sense.

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Congratulations Esso, that's really something to be proud of..... and very inspiring..... thanks!!


Well done Esso! That is just brilliant. As the others said you should be really proud of yourself. I remember you joining the forum like it was yesterday:)


Thanks for a great post .

So marvellous to read.

Well done you


Great to hear, Esso. Thanks for sharing. An inspiration to us all. I hope to be doing the same in....................a few years!


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