Longest ever!

Hey everyone! Just entered my 27th hour. Woke up this morning with a massive craving but said no and went for a brisk walk with the dogs to keep me occupied. It was all plain sailing after that until my lunch break at work - had a massive craving and decided to sit quietly and read this forum until it went away - and it did! Thanks to everyone here! Now to take on the rest of the day.


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  • Doing fantastic may I say.

    Hold tight to the forum, keep reading and posting.

    You can do this.

    Look forward to your updates

  • It's amazing how reading this forum can help take a few minutes there by helping us through those tough 'crave' minutes. Keep up the fight, and recognize that it will need to get a little worse before it gets a lot better. Do some homework to help you understand exactly what your body is going through with this withdrawel. Cranberry juice during the first 3 days can be helpful and knock a few hours off your physical addiction too. Check out Joel Spitzer and his web site whyquit.com there's enough info there to choke a horse. Happy reading.

  • Thank-you both, I know this is just the start of a long journey - but I'm looking forward to the challenge. My lungs and chest already feel a lot better, breathing feels 'fresher' although that could be my imagination. I never thought this was possible and then I stumble upon this forum and everything seems a little bit more possible! I am slightly worried about my consumption of Fisherman's Friends and Werthers Originals though!

  • Hey man, congratulations on resisting those urges. You're not too far behind me on your quit :) I'll be eager to hear your updates!

  • You too Will!

  • Awesome Ben - that'd be my other advice, use the forum :)

  • Your over 30+hours now, so WOO HOO!! Those hours start to add up pretty fast, best part is you get to tack on an easy 7-8 hours by just going to bed:) Just so you realize - its not your imagination - of course your breathing feels fresher, you've stopped filling your mouth and lungs with icky stuff:eek: thankfully that's a nice benefit we get to experience early in our quit.

    Well done Ben - just keep posting and reading - it really does help!

  • Well done Ben and welcome, try to keep yourself busy over the weekend like you do at work,to keep your mind off it, unfortunately no one said it would be easy, but with the help of support I'm sure we can do this, we have to do this 😳 don't like the other options.

  • Great going, Ben, especially cold turkey. Deep breathing and repeating NOPE, and don't forget it is worth it.

  • I was using tobbaco.... today when i had strong craving as my second day has already started too. I rolled up some tissue paper and placed it in my mouth as tobbaco lolz,,,, Believe me it worked like charm cuz i prepared my mind to have placebo effect. No good either but let me pass through craving period. For smokers have Some tasting foam type thing ahaha and suck through it pretend you are smoking and feel nicotine is rushing through body .... Guys these were thing i managed to learn from guys who left drugs in rehab centre and they WORKS too. but there are pretty much other things,, But yes nnot nicotine substitutes.

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