My longest period of not smoking since I started

Today is 14 weeks and 1 day since I stopped, the longest period since I started forty years ago. I have been holding this date in my mind for a good few weeks now, willing myself on to get there. Now I've reached it I'm feeling very, very pleased but am aware it could become an anticlimax. So, I'll go back to using the months as milestones for now. Some stats: reached a 5km running distance in 35 minutes, and now need to bring it under 30 minutes (that might take some time. Running for 20 or more minutes without walking is a big challenge for me. My lungs do not feel good, but....); £891 not spent on cigarettes. Still broke though! I must be rewarding myself far too often. 14lbs increase in weight - that is my new challenge. I want half of that healthily gone by mid-July.Being amongst other smokers at times is not causing problems. Yes, it's a good day. And thanks to everyone on here who is posting words of encouragement or simply reporting on their journey and success. Really beneficial.

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  • n730708 ....So proud of you Walkabout....xx

  • Great feeling isn't it getting this far. proud of you

  • A big congrats from me walkabout I'm dreaming of getting where you are!!! I don't know if I could do the running you do but if it helps you then keep doing it, your lungs will get better in time as long as you keep those milestones in sight, and no you can't reward yourself to much, what you have achieved is wonderful and you deserve every one of the treats and rewards you have given yourself and will give yourself in the coming weeks.

  • walkabout, that's wonderful :)

    You're very sensible to be prepared for an anticlimax - wiser than a wise old owl...

    Congrats and stuff x

  • Thanks for the support, as ever. I am concerned about my breathing though, not that I think there is anything seriously wrong, just that I did think my breathing would be easier and my chest less tight. Oh well, I guess 40 years of damage.

  • Yes, good advice. I'll mention when I next have an appointment which will be in the next couple months.

  • I'm hoping maybe you'll be feeling a bit better after you loose a couple of those quit pounds. Extra weight can feel like carrying around a bag of potatoes with you all day – and that would make anyone huff and puff a bit:-))

  • Also worth considering Que, thanks. And actually it's quite a bit of additional weight when I think about it...........14lbs is no picnic, maybe several picnics!

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