I must succeed this time :-) I WILL succeed this time:-)

Hello Im Shaz on day 6 of quitting cold turkey ...... I have given up previously for 8 years and for some very silly reason started again 4 years ago.

Well what can i say - feeling ok but finding today I am spending alot of time thinking about just the one ....... I am determined to stay smoke free and would not say i am madly craving but cannot stop thinking about having a cigarette ....... I also read alan Carr Easy Way to Stop Smoking last time an know exactly what tricks your mind plays on you ...... I am hoping to pop here when things get tough ......any words of advice ????

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  • As I probably said on your other post (I'm extra dizzy this week and can't remember who I've already replied to!) stick around, read and post as often as you need - it's really helpful in my experience :)

    Learn to recognise that ANY reason your mind gives you for smoking is nonsense, and you'll be fine :) Remember you WANT to quit, and any time you think you don't, you're wrong. Does that make sense?

    Good luck xx

  • OMG!!!! So it isn't only me who has the most complete brain fog!!!! Talk about not being able to concentrate!! Does it get better - please tell me it does!! Being a menopausal woman doesn't help either - I won;t smoke again, but how will I ever function again!!

  • It does get better! Honest it does (I'm naturally dizzy at the best of times, which didn't help in my early quit days!) Good luck and be strong :)

  • yep ditto.......

  • Thank you for the kind words - well today is Day 7 .......One Week ...... and my little head is telling me almost constantly I don't want to quit .... naughty very very naughty!!!! The fact the cough and constant throat clearing is no longer around constantly is enough reason to not be misled into having one!!!! Have so much to do but cannot motivate myself to do it just thinking of cigarettes!!!!!!

  • My words of advice are to keep at it. You've done it once and you can do it again. I quit for five years in the early 1990's and started again in 2000. After ten years of smoking, getting up to a ridiculous 60 a day habit, I quit again. I've now been quit since almost five years again, ready to beat my last record and, what's more, I never want to smoke again. Take it one day at a time and you'll be there soon!

  • Hi, it's always a great decision to quit, and ct, is in my book amazing. Yes please get on here pronto if any issues arise, it helps.

    Great to have you with us, and a warm welcome from me, will keep every thing crossed tomorrow is a good no smoking day

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