Hello Week 2!


Hello week two people! I've been limping my way through the week one folders for the last seven days and am finally here - wooooo!

Still getting cravings and treating the world with the caution of a newly born non smoker but at least I'm through week one hell and feeling better by the day.

Here's to a tolerable week two for the lot of us!

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  • Well done you ...............just keep climbing the ladder and watch for those peskie snakes :D

    Carol (CTC)


  • Cheers Carol - doing my best, pesky poisonous critters! ;)

  • Hi Writerchris :D

    Great you got to week 2 well done

    Glad you feel better by the day

    As well as snakes watch out for other nasty little creatures along the road


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • Great work WriterChris. Keep on being positive and it will get easier as the days go by.


  • cheers

    Thanks guys - yup we'll beat this! Hope things are going well for you both


  • Go Chris!

    Hi WriterChris - congratulations at making it here - welcome to the equally mad house as all the others! :D

    So - what I want to know is - what are you writing? You must have lots of time on your hands now, and lots of emotions for those rogue characters - do tell!

    Well done, and enjoy your drink.

  • He he I write fiction (on my second novel) and I also write books on commission, and I co-own a Copy writing agency. I also co-own a Badge making company (got to keep busy!).

    Ta for the enjoy the drink comments mate - it went well and smoke free


  • Thanks!

    How exciting! Second novel - fantastic stuff, I am very jealous.

    Hope you are doing OK!

  • thanks :) type long enough and you'd be amazed what comes out hehe.

    I'm doing a ok today! still getting cravings but they are sort of 5 out of ten as opposed to week one's 6-10 out of 10's!

    What about you? Things going ok today I hope?

  • You do yourself an injustice - writing a novel is a huge feat - well done you. I have struggled to 50,000 words and how I wish I had the skill to take that one step futher. maybe next year!

    I'm doing good thanks - no problem with the craves - but I have now replaced ciggies with chocolate. Better - but not good!

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