Anyone tried dieting whilst quitting

I am seriously considering starting to diet, too much weight piled on in the last 6 weeks. Has anyone managed to do both I don't want to do anything to harm this quit but I am concerned about my weight gain. I have type 2 diabetes and too much weight is bad for me. I have tried nibbling on healthy foods but I'm so hungry all the time it's hard to control how much I eat. Being diabetic means I can't eat a lot of fruit.

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  • I would speak to your gp and take their recommendations, I suppose it can be different for different people. Good luck!

  • Not so easy to talk to a GP here in Spain it's not the language barrier I speak Spanish but the support for quitting isn't there like in the UK. I wish there were no smoking clinics here where there is more help for quitters. I'm just going to have to give it a go and see how I get on.

  • Well I suppose if you can give up smoking then to eat healthily wouldn't hurt. Do you have access to a nutritionist so you can have something tailor made to yourself?

  • I've been trying to lose some, spanisheyes... Mostly just by eating a bit less and staggering around rather more. I do fit my work trousers slightly better now... I've used for keeping track of food intake and exercise - it's interesting but a bit addictive... Good luck!

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