No Smoking Day
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Yes that's right I,m a secret ?

Indeed while I do have other interest, and since leaving my job in January , I needed something inexpensive to occupy me, not least because I don't really go out!!!

I have my buddy grandson who's 3

Can you guess what it is??

Lol balloon modelling, jeez I,m addicted my buddy, loves spiders, swords, animal, oh my word I'm now moving on to advanced models, using more than one balloon , talk about being nuts lol oh yes it can be quite challenging .

My secrets out

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Wow, nice one Tracey!

How did you come up with that? I just googled it and it seems there are tons of tutorials online for balloon modeling.

Care to share some of your models? :)


I bought a little set for Xmas day , just for a giggle, sort of took it from there, something to do I doors with my hands,

I don't know how to do photos off my I pad, I can't even tod my avatar.


Sounds fun and a great way to keep the mind occupied.


That's a novel interest. You'll be being hired out for children's parties soon!


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