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Mixed emotions


Well I am now at the end of day 5 Not smoking but I have mixed feelings in one sense I cant believe I haven't smoked for 5 days in another im disappointed as to get here on day 3 I caved in to Nrt and let nicotine back into my body, its a strange bag of emotions and does spoil my quit a bit makes me happy and sad all at once..

Pointless post and I will live to fight another day and evict nicotine, but as a WAHM who smoked almost 24/7 I still look at my garden with longing at times, for the peace that I had when I went out for my cancer stick....seriously peace?? Funny how you look back and wonder how you took pleasure in poisoning yourself for over 26 years I did that.

Anyhow enough of a ramble just had to share my mixed emotions so I can put them to bed and out my head before I persuade myself I've failed again. Silly shellymummy still lacks confidence to stand and shout but I will im getting louder and I will stand at the top one day .

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Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

You haven't failed! You ARE winning, it just doesn't happen all at once. One step at a time lovely lady x

You will get there !

I think you are being hard on yourself - you are doing SO well. First week is damn hard, you are doing really well!

Keep going girl - you're brill!!

(p's had to look wahm up on Google! )

Shelly another none smoking day , in my book and for what it's worth that is fantastic, Please please each and every quit is different, so what ever method you choose to quit is right for you. Addiction is just that, so to abstain is going to leave you feeling a little out of sorts for a while, I can say it will pass, you are breaking a strong addiction.

Doing fantastic, people will read your post, and sooooo wish they could be where you are.

Just keep going lovely, doing magic

Awesome Shelly! NRT is not caving in. I couldn't have quit without patches in the early days.

Well done :)

Thank you everyone x here's to another smoke free day 😘

Go shelly! its an uphill climb and you are doing fantastic!

Whatever works for us in stopping the cigarettes has to be good news. The NRT never did it for me for some reason, I think because the psychological challenges are, well, more of a challenge for me! I am chewing my way through a good few pens and pencils though. Congratulations on not having a cigarette - I saw your other post about the dentist experience. And again, congratulations on not smoking a cigarette yet again.:D:D

Awesome Shelly! NRT is not caving in. I couldn't have quit without patches in the early days.

Well done :)

Ditto . Steve

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