No Smoking Day
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Happy & Sads all mixed up!

Whilst quitting smoking it is so easy to find yourself going through so many emotions.

I am 97 days, or as my Silkquit counter reminds me 3 Months 4 days free of smoking today!

I was a really heavy smoker and do not show how many I smoked at the bottom of my signature, as I am really ashamed. I have yet to see others who smoked, anywhere, near as many as I did... (Red faced, but still smiling because I do not smoke any now.)

I'm sad because I never tried before this attempt to ever give up smoking and if I had known I could do it, would have tried so many years ago.

Happy because I have really made it this far and know now that to go back would mean to start all over again.

Don't get me wrong, I still have at least two moments, perhaps three a day where I think about smoking, but that put into context is about 7 or 8 minutes of my day, the rest of it I really do not even thinks about smoking. Thank you to whoever, as for a while back there I thought the feelings of wanting a cigarette would own me forever, but the truth is it doesn't!

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Pandora, your quit is even more important, show how many you smoked because there is someone out there, there is a quitter who needs you especially with your understanding and knowledge.



Hi Pandora... I agree, you should show how many you smoked and should be very proud you managed to give up.

I have a few heavy smokers in my life - the ex husband and a very good friend - and they have tried many times and failed, they believe there is nothing to help them give up (even with champix they haven't managed to stay quit more than a couple of weeks).

You are showing that willpower means a lot when you quit and however many times you try giving up with whatever help, if there is no willpower, it will fail.

Massive congratulations to you for making it this far and you are right, it does get easier ;)


Well Done Pandora!!!!

You've done really well, especially as a heavy smoker too....

Dont worry about being red faced... the thing is you should be proud that you USED to smoke however many many that you did, but now you are free.

Hoorah for that, and well done! :D


I agree! I am always in awe of those who's intake was more than mine. God knows how much courage I had to find to embarke on a quit. Well done to you!!


Pandora - hello and well done.

Sometimes I smoked a shedload - especially when on holiday or drinking. But, as you say, I am proud that I now no longer smoke any.

My quit has been an emotional rollercoaster - but now I just go with he positives - and try not to worry about the "what ifs".

The main thing is that you, and the rest of us, are doing this - we are quitting.

Be it 1 or 100 a day - its a bloody hard thing to give up. And no matter how many you smoked, you should never be ashamed.


10 a day or 100 a day it was an addiction and a habit that had to be broken. I'm sure it was just as difficult for those who 'only' smoked about 10 a day.

I wish I could say I only thought of ciggies a few times a day now but the thing with this quitting lark is that it is different from person to person.

I think we've all been through the 'I could never give up' to the 'if I can do it anyone can' scenario. We're all individuals and it affects us all differently!

That's why there isn't one fool proof way of quitting.


Pandora It doesn’t matter whether you post how many you smoked, only that you have finally seen the light; God doesn’t that sound like I’m preaching the Gospel LOL

Just a very large but not too hard slap on the back for you, well done xx


Thank you all for your replies. I hopefully, perhaps, a few more weeks or months down the line will muster up the courage. ;)

Sorry to reply so late, just been a little busy.


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