Just back from a mini break in Barcelona. Good time, great city.

No fags = so much better at the airport, on the plane, getting off the plane. 10th floor of the hotel would have = much stress to sneak down and out.

Find myself out checking out people smoking, trying to gauge as they drag the gunk in our they really loving it ! Doubt it to be honest, and dammed glad I'm not.

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  • Isn't it so grand when you realise, that indeed you are totally free, such a great achievement.

    I agree fantastic city, love cooking so the food market for me was amazing,

    Job well done springs to mind

  • Hola, buenas noche. Glad you enjoyed Barcelona hope the weather was kind, I live in Spain and it's not been the lovely typical sunny weather here lately. I watch folks smoking too, sometimes with a bit of nostalgia but mostly with pity for them still trapped in the nicotine cycle. I can smell a smoker from a distance now and I'm so glad I don't smell like that anymore.

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