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long time no speak

Hi everyone, still here still going (just), for those that are new, I quit 17/2/15, patches for 1st 5 days, then CT, which almost sent me doolally lol, but started walking every afternoon, and feel so much better, then a couple of weeks ago hit a wall, (I've always struggled at weekends) even went outside, to stand while my OH had one, pretty pathetic, I decided, to come off here, as I was struggling and didn't feel in a position to help, but got my @@@@ together as they would say, had a lovely week holiday (kids are off school for 2 weeks), and remarkably the weather in NE Scotland has been amazing, so long days out, Florida fund is looking amazing, so I'm back ready to help x

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And so lovely your here, but please feel free to post if the going gets tough.

Florida fab


Good to hear you still going Jess. Great that you have come past a difficult spot. Encouraging, well done 🎂


So glad you're still going Jess :)

Glad you had a good break too, how lovely for you to have lush weather!


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