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Suck it nicotine!


Day 4! Good to know my body has probably gotten rid of most of the nicotine in my system.

Cravings have become much more manageable. Every once in a while I find myself thinking it will be good to have a puff and I just go NOPE.

Still taking a lot of lozenges. Will think about cutting down after the first week.

It sucks that NRT's are so expensive though.

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Well done your doing great :-) I'm having a major craving day keep having polo's though then a lozenge if it gets too much or a quick e cig hit but want to try more lozenge than ecig as otherwise I'll be on them instead but taking it slow and remembering I've not had a cigarette with thousands of other chemicals in small victories and today have a had a few thoughts of want one but holding off still and you can too as hubby says it's a war we are fighting just take one battle at a time, you have beaten cigarettes and there is plenty of time to beat lozenge and nicotine later xxx you are winning keep going x

Well how brilliant, bet you can't believe the strength you have shown, in your quit so far, so I will say FANASTIC.

you can get lozenge , patch, what ever from your GP, on prescription, or free at a no smoking clinic, try not to worry using them for now, as I,m sure it's better to concentrate on getting comfy in your quit.

Doing brilliant, I will be cheering you home for your first week

Just keep going

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

Shxfee that's great! You show that nasty nicotine :)

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