No Smoking Day
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Day 10 - survived the weekend

Great to be in a new room and to have got to day 10. I was worried about the weekend during Friday as I new that we would have a few nights where we would be drinking with friends and that there would be a strong temptation to smoke. Really pleased to be able to report that it all went well and that I am still on the wagon - didn't even have to resort to muttering NOPE to myself over and over. I thought that the guys going out to smoke really smelled badly when they came back in

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Well done. It's not easy being with smokers and drinking but you did it. Congratulations


Well done on getting through a social/drinking session with smokers. It's quite hard but you do feel proud that you didn't give in :)


Awesome, another milestone done, and a new room smells fresher , none of that lingering stale smoke.

Your definitely showing who's boss and to date it is not mr NICO.

Look forward to your updates.

Doing fantastic keep up the good work


Impressive getting through the social thing. I have chosen avoidance mainly so far as I know it's hard. Really well done x


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