No Smoking Day
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Another beautiful day

Day 79 ticked off and day 5 of no patches and surprisingly I feel really good.

Another looooong day at work, it wouldn't be so bad but the weather has been lovely and I keep looking out the window thinking I could be at the beach now, but I did sit outside on the grass verge today catching some sun eating my lunch. It was nice. Felt jealous though knowing the madbabies were out with the child minder in the park.

Weird to think in a few days I will be 12 weeks smoke free, to be honest at the beginning I didn't think I'd make 12 days let alone 12 weeks.

How are we all, it's very quite in here, starting to worry I've scared you all away.

MM xxx

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Hi Madmummy - Hooray for you, that's great! Glad you got out in the sun today, doesn't it make a difference?

I took my ma to Stourhead for a stroll and a picnic, it was beautiful. But starting to get that 'oh no! Back to work in a few days!' panicky feeling!

Nearly 12 weeks...that's brilliant! And I'll be 6 weeks tomorrow :)

So pleased it's working for you without the patches x


Glad your feeling better and well done on reaching 12 weeks. I know how you felt in the beginning I too didn't think I'd last 12 hours and here I am 5 weeks later smoke free and feeling positive


Not a whizz at maths but 12 days, 12 weeks means it will be 12 months next. You now have to enter the Penthouse!

No patches, you've cracked it, massive well done x


Wow did you realise your only around a week of a quater of a year, blooming fantastic.

Doing great


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