Six weeks yay!

Hi everyone

Day 42 today. Thats 6 WHOLE WEEKS. I can't remember a time when I didn't smoke for more than 6 days b4!!! Its getting easier . I've had weird smoking dreams but I think thats probably nic's way of trying to get me back on the cigs (it hasn't worked) I'm still taking the chantix and will take peoples advice about doing the full 12weeks and then tapering the dose for a further 3 or 4 weeks. I don't find others smoking in front of me tempting although I don't find it gross either. I know mentally that all the nicotine is gone f rom my body and that any urges I feel are purely in my head. Somehow knowing that,makes it easier to handle. Does anone else feel the same?

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  • Hey you,

    6 weeks that is sooooo good!!!!!! Well done!

    I think when you know it is mentally and not a physical thing, it is easier to deal with, dont know why? Maybe because it goes from the feeling of NEEDING to WANTING. :confused:

    Hey who knows, but you have done so well, keep it up xxxx

  • Good on you Karen

    6 weeks is fantastic.

    Yep totally agree it is all mental now, Also other people around me doesnt bother me either.I just breath

    :):):):) 6weeks is such strength!! WELL DONE.

  • Good going Kazza... I hope I get to the six week point this time, I checked my old posts and apparently I folded on day 18 last time (Back in June). So two and a half weeks is my current target...

  • Wow karen, look at you :) You're awesomely winning the war against that evil pathetic nic monster!!! I too feel stronger when I focus on the fact that anything resembling the desire for a smoke is actually just in my head as my body is totally smoke-free and knows better - it's a healthy thought and it's working, let's keep it with us!

    Go on like this, you're made of win xxx

  • Thanks everyone for your wonderfl replies( esp ciao Bella) you know who you are. I justfeel really positive at the moment. Yes,I still get the odd crave but it's nothing I can't deal with. Unfortunately the champix is causing bad indigestion at the moment but its only a temporary thing and a small price to pay for freedom! I hope everyone feels as good as this. The first 2 weeks were a bitch but its got alot easier. I don't think I could have come this far without the support of th good people on here. Thanks!:)

  • Well Done you are doing so well. I too have had a few smoking dreams and have been really annoyed with myself for smoking until i woke up and realised I hadnt.

  • smoking dreams

    i am so glad ime not the only one having smoking dreams. the first one i had i was so disappointed in my self wen i woke up.t took me a few minutes to realise it had been a dream .had qute a few smoking dreams while was still on champix but they seem to have subsided now.was dreaming about balls of green wool wen i woke this whats that all

  • Liz Did you come off the champix gradally and did you get craves again once youd stopped it.


  • stopping champix

    i was a bit silly.i just stopped taking the champix after 9 weeks cos i was going on holiday and i couldnt cope with the nausea anymore.luckily i havnt started smoking again. i do still get craves [sort of].they are more just thoughts of something i did for a long time.but they havnt been strong enough to make me give in.ive come too far now.funnily enough this site has been a massive help.but its when i come on here that i think about smoking the

  • Hey Kazza 6 Weeks Thats Fantastic. Wish I Was More Pc Literate And I Would Have Used Giant Letters Etc, But Think Im Bit To Old To Learn He He ! But Know I Think Your Fantastic A Example To Us All. Way To Go Girl X

  • smoking dreams

    and theres me thinking i was going mental after having a dream last night id had 3 cigs and gone to the garage gor more woke up all dissapointed with meself , took a while to realise was just a dream and i hadnt got any cigs in the im just dreading when i finally stop taking the champix wether ill want a cig more theres still times i could just automatically light one up (if i had some) not because i want one just because its what i used to do. bue heres hoping all will be well and after being 7 weeks smoke free i dont want to go back to smoking but im determined this time :D:)

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