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Entering month 2

One month, 17 hours since I quit saving 204.27€. cigarettes are still relatively cheap here in Spain so my savings aren't as great as the quitters in UK but nevertheless they are significant to a pensioner like myself. I certainly feel better physically, mentally I am not sure about I still have battles with myself sometimes about needing to smoke. NRT products here in Spain are more than the cost of cigarettes, crazy isn't it, so they are out of my reach, they are not available on prescription either. I bought an ecig to help me, started with a medium strength nicotine liquid and lowered the nicotine down to a very low level. For the last week I have been using zero nicotine so I am now going to quit vaping.

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Oh I,m so pleased for you your plan of action is great.

Doing brilliant , well done from me


I get the impression Spanish Eyes, that you are handling this quit so well. You seem to have a very level headed approach to it. Step by step, recognising achievements and challenges. I like your style :D


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