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Entering month 5 :)

Just posting to notch up the end now of my fourth calendar month not smoking. I'm now beginning month 5 as of 10pm tonight :)

I think i had my month 3 in my month 4 though, as this month has definitely for me been more challenging than the previous.. most of it i'm sure due to the change of seasons.. i'm not a fan of winter anyway. Roll on spring :)

So yeah.. 4 calendar months now under my belt. 11th July --> 11th November.. here's to doin alot more yet, and good luck to all folk who may be out there struggling in the early days n weeks. /respect to you all.


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:( you should be sooo happy, and I know your not.

Nothing I can say will cheer you up, so just know that I am very proud of you. Nobody has an easy quit but yours has been hard won, but that is what it is now won, and that is fantastic.

Congrats, well done, fantastic, lovely job etc etc etc.


How fantastic, a huge achievement so well done. I hope you are going to treat yourself.


Hi Jase :D

Great going and into month 5 for you well done Huge Hug on it's way

I also suffer with the winter blues buy am always worse in November it is such a depressing month I think

I agree with you roll on Spring


Marg xx


Well done Jase, keep up the strong work and don't let the bastards grined you down,,,, it ain't worth it.

Hope you feeling better and keep us tuned in ;)



Great big Well Done to you, wishing you many more.



Well done mate!!

As you know my Month 3 not been to good - so am completely with you.

I hate this time of year - and the bloody clock going back and all that.

But 4 months done is brilliant!

Lets all keep this going!



Congratulations Jase, thats such a huge achievement, you must be so proud of yourself :D


I have one overrulling thing that i keep using if i'm being a bit negative..

'At least i'm not smoking!'

I've been out n bought a few herbal remedies to help with the low ebb feeling.. if it works then great :).

This quit is work in progress, but i am still being very very stubborn, have had the odd stress, but no way on this planet am i going to smoke


Well Done Jase

Hi Jase

Congrats on entering month 5 are doing greatl !:)

Here's too a long , happy and smoke free future!


Quit 28th April 2009

3 months patches

3 months 16 days CT


Third of a year - get in!

well done to you sir. you will be over half a year quit by the end of january. thats gotta sound sweet.

congrats on getting through a hard month for you.. keep it going Jase :)


hehe made me giggle that pic did :) whats that off?

I've been in better spirits this last few days too.. herbal tablets are doing their job i think :)


GREAT job on the 5 months! that is awesome! I too do not like cool weather, I'm a summer girl!!!!

so what herbal meds are you taking, could you some pick me up too!



I'm pm'd that info to you.

thanks michelle, you hang in there with your quit too.. its within your grasp and you will be just fine this quit.


Hee hee great clip. Love it.

Jase it is inspirational to see a fellow quitter reaching month 5. I am just peering at week 2 and hoping I'll get there. Could you pm the name of herb please - it might help my winter bluesy/ quitty/ generally fedupedness too.



Got you a big bottle ;)

Well done getting to month 5, Jase :)


I could just go a bottle or two of that right now :).. time to go to the off license i think :)

Trouble is, i could go in thinking 'duvel'.. but then i see the masses of red wine there .. and its like a magnet.. :)


.. but then i see the masses of red wine there .. and its like a magnet.. :)

A bit early, but what the hell...

Late with the congrats on 4 months done and dusted. Nice one, Jase.

Keep on keepin' on,



Jase, I'm sorry I'm so late with this ------ CONGRATULATIONS ON 4 MONTHS DOWN AND DUSTED! I know what you mean about the 4th month blues instead of the 3 month! The 5th month will be soooo much better, promise! Keep going strong. Jody


Well done Jase, am still hanging in there although like you am feeling the darkness!! I live in sweden so it is dark here by 3.45 at the minute!

Keep it up!! I want to see you in the 1 year forum!!!:D



Well done fella,

keep on going and yeah - roll on spring hehe. I'm not far behind you ;o)


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