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Hi I have been reading the posts on this site for a very long time and when I finally felt confident to register there was a fault with the website which did not allow new registrations, thankfully that has been fixed so here I am :)

I have been smoking for 40 years ( yes I know that is so so terrible)! I am an Aussie :) on 1 March I made a spur of the moment decision that enough was enough and I did not want to spend over $1 per cigarette anymore.

Strangely the first 24 days were OK using half a patch and some lozenges BUT the last two days I have struggled. Have tried to follow your NOPE but yesterday I had 2 puffs :(

Anyway, will keep trying to NOPE. It is lovely to be able to post and appreciate all the posts which are have helped me more than you ever realised :).

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  • Hello, and a huge welcome from me, great to have you with us.

    WOW 24 days smoke free is amazing, brilliant, may be after 3 weeks quit, it hits you that indeed you are smoke free. And mr NICO is trying his hardest to get you to start smoking again.

    Just keep going, it does get easier.

  • Oh Tracey thank you - you are my very first reply :). Yes, think you are correct, Mr Nico thinks he can trick me (sadly he did yesterday) but onwards and upwards without smelling like cigarettes.

  • Hi Justdoit :) Welcome, and nice to 'meet' you.

    You and I must be at about the same point - I'm on day 28 today, and I agree that from about day 23 to day 26 I felt more wobbly than I had since the first few days. I think Tracey's right, it's the demon having a little panic and a big push, but we can get through that!

    Onwards and upwards!

  • Thanks. I love your "...I WILL live to diet another day!" I think the weight gain will be my next battle but need to focus on not smoking just now.

  • Best to deal with one mission at a time, eh? She says, stuffing her face with chocolate orange...

  • You've done amazingly well to get this far. I am on day 42 and I know how hard it is to ignore the voice that says 'one little puff won't hurt' . I know that if I had dared to keep any cigs, I would have given in more than once. I think it was on day 32 that I posted how much I was struggling and since then I've had ups and downs. So, congratulate yourself! May I suggest that if you still have some cigs, chuck them - the temptation is just too great. Isn't it good to not smell like an ashtray?!

  • Oh 42 days - wow ! My hubby still smokes so that is how I did have 2 puffs. Strange that I seem to like him still smoking as it reinforces that I am doing this for me, not because anyone else is expecting me too. Hubby has cut down to about 1/3 of what he use to smoke. Thank you for your encouragement, it is appreciated.

  • Hi, and congratulations on quitting.

    Have you thought about increasing the patch you are using or upping the NRT? You will hear the mantra that it doesn't matter how you quit, just as long as you do :)

    It is difficult at times, and I promise it does get easier, much easier x

  • Good idea :) I have now increased the NRT. Is it odd that the 2mg lozenges were too strong when I first had them but now they are not? hopefully tomorrow will be easier again.

  • Hello and welcome. I think you have done great to get to 24 days without support. Put those puffs behind you now bet they tasted horrid anyway. Most of us have days when the thought I have to smoke hits and it's awful when it does but we are stronger than that nicodemon. It has to get easier or no one would succeed so just hang on in there.

  • You are right - yes tasted terrible! I needed to have some pepper mints to get rid of the taste!!!!!! Sometimes I wonder how anyone succeeds - is it a case of being damn stubborn about NOPE?

  • Stubborn is about the size of it for me!

  • Well done on your decision to quit, im 38 days quit, all we can do is take it minute by minute x

  • Hello there, welcome aboard, love your name btw :) just wanted to drop in and say hello really, ***waves like a mad woman*** stick close to the forum,read read and read some more there really is an archive of knowledge from past and present quitters that will really help plus reading the forum keeps your mind off of the dreaded weed :) xx

  • Hi just do it, great that you have taken the leap and managed to register and start posting on here. Reading is one thing but when you post and other people reply who are doing the same as you it make you feel supported rather than doing it all by yourself.

    Congratulations on making on of the best decisions of your life. NOPE is the only way to go, stick to it and you will thank yourself later....

  • Congratulations on your decision to join this forum. It is helping me enormously; support, comments, common purpose, humour, dealing with craves................and on. Visit and post often. And try deep but calm breathing, as if you are inhaling a cigarette. It does help ;)

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