Better day today

Don't know what happened yesterday but I'm back on track today. It's been a cold wet day today so went to a shopping centre out of the rain, when I came out of the door where people stand and smoke, yuk what a horrible smell of stale and fresh cig smoke, made me realise why I'm now a a non smoker. It was worth the struggle I had yesterday I never want to smell like that again. Third week nearly done with now. I can really see and feel the differences. My teeth are whiter, my skin is clearer and I can breath much easier. Not to mention I am 122.92€ better off. If I was in UK where cigs cost double to here the savings would be a great deal more.

3 Replies

  • Your pushing on with your quit in great style, so am hoping your very proud.

    Doing great job, well done you, and the benefits just keep coming.

    Pleased your having a better time

  • Well done you x it was the breathing that really struck me, how i could suck in a load of air and not start coughing. Amazing how quickly we heal :) x

  • Glad to hear you pulled round on yesterday. I suppose these days are there to test us. I had hoped my taking exams was long past!

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