Day 17 and my motivation

My motivation is that smoking is no longer an in-thing in this generation.. it is ewww so smelly and so sixties.. before it used to be so cool, now smokers look like anaemic retards with their yellow stained hands, yucky yellow rotting teeth, horrible breath, maniacal cough and withered skin. Cmon who wants to be in this crowd.. I am clawing myself out .. and so far i have 17days and counting.. if you ask me if i am enjoying life? Tell me does it look like this crowd is enjoying itself. No. they are burying themselves. Lucky for me I got out. I am enjoying the breath of fresh air now.

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  • Congratulations on your 17 day, spanish eyes :cool: We've had some sun in London this morning, hence the sunglasses.

  • Well done on 17 days with the a la mode non smoking crew! X

  • Hey doing such a grand job, nearly 3 weeks going great

  • Congratulations on your 17 day quit(hang on ...18 day quit)...:)

  • Great post. Everything you see in smokers is so true and always was. Glad we are seeing it x well done on day 18.

  • Great post there Spanish, although only being a month in I'm still not complacent, it was only 4 weeks ago we were under the spell of Nicotine xxx

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