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No Smoking Day
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Scaredy cat

That's me. Scaredy Cat.

This is so silly, I know I can do this quit-thing, I know I'm prepared for cravings to hit me, and I know how to handle them when they do.

And yet, I'm terrified. Tonight is the first rehearsal for a show I'm taking part in, and it'll be the first time at rehearsals/the theatre without popping out for a fag-break. I don't know if anyone who's actually involved in this show even smokes. I just know that this is going to be tougher than any day so far, and suddenly I'm self-doubting. I can do this, right? Talk about being a total wally - I'm not craving, just panicking about potential craves. That doesn't even make any sense and I'm an idiot! My feelings summed up in emoticons : :mad::o:(:eek::confused:

Right, brew, walk the dog, pull self together, GO!

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you can do it darl!!! once you're there you will be wondering what you were worried about ;) or you will be so busy you will forget you were worried in first place!!!! have fun!!!! xx


You're so right - that's exactly what happened! First one and then the other :) You're a genius alleycat x


Brilliant hun!! Glad you had a good night! Xx


if you're comng to Essex to perform let me know! we could have cake.......... x


If only we were pro enough to tour! Mmmm, cake... x


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