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First day(let me at it)

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Hi there all...this is my first time on here, and also my day one.....I'm going cold turkey and writting down a list of all the benefits from stopping....I feel very positive right now...But know there are pitfalls ahead....

So i've joined this forum for somewhere to turn and support.

I'm a singer and have begun heavy rehearsals, and i have realised the stupidity in this smoking malarky, and how much it is holding me back (well, i've always know how stupid it is,but now i want to face it)

I also have asthma

Any how, hope everyone is doing well and look forward to hearing from anyone who wishes to reply

11 Replies

Welcome Malone

Well done on your quit you will find great support on here we are like one big family of quiters. Keep coming on and let us know how your doing.



hello malone and welcome. Where do you sing? You didnt mention your age. I am not a proffessional singer but I like to think I can hold a decent tune. CORRECTION - COULD sing but after 24 yrs of smoking - welll you can guess the rest. Maybe stopping smoking wont repair all the voice damage to myself but it may do a little. At least I wont sound as croaky. Your voice is obviously very important to you. Dont make the mistake of thinking smoking wont alter it. It wont at first BUT years later will suddenly bite you on the bum and you will wish youd quit ages ago. We dont judge folk here no matter what is happening to them. Dont be a stranger and the best of luck with your quit.



thank you both for responing,

I'm 26 years old and i have smoked since i was 13....eek

I stopped once before (lasted 3weeks) and the difference to my voice was amazing, i had more control and clarity...I'm trying to focus on that point.

I'm rehearsing so much right now,and i was finding myself vocally jaded,(this has never happened before, and it kind of scared me) as of next week our rehearsals will be smoke free, as now only 2 out of seven members that will help....

I'm still feeling positive, but a few belly flutters....kind feels panicy somehow...So thanks both of you....I feel quite excited....there is some great stuff ahead....withthe benefits of stopping........(I'll try tell myself that tonight when i'm pulling my hair out lol)

Thanks again



Hello mate, I'm really proud of you for doing this, I've been quit for over 50 days and not used anything to help me quit. I think I've gone through unusually many phases of the quitting progress so if there are any questions on your mind please just ask.



Your doing so great keep it up LINDA


thanks again everyone....well it's day 2 now, I'vebeen up...done yoga, had a healthy breaky,and now i'm going mad grrr....really could smoke right now, but i won't.My niece is on her way round, and it will be smoke city....I'll ask her to smoke outside i think....

Right o, Chat soon all

and valberg....fantastic work (i'll have to put you on my list of inspirations)




Hello Malone x

Welcome to the site :D

Well done on quitting! day 2 n 3 may be a struggle but it's not long, to make the major step to saving your voice and health!!

Keep busy and don't look forward to anymore than 1 hour at a time x x

Tell your niece not to smoke in your house! she should be supportive enough?

It's a tough hurdle to jump so early on!

Good Luck and Keep strong x x


Hi Malone

Welcome...keep strong and keep us does get sooo much better!

Loopy XX


Research place

I believe that every ex-smoker, quit smoking because they try several times before they succeed. Therefore, if you’re looking for method to quit smoking I suggest that you start researching your habit. I’ve been smoker for over 12 years, and I quit for good.

I’m 100% sure that you need to find your own reasons but that’s up to your search for the truth. is a site dedicated to all smokers who are searching there own reasons. Leave your comments and I’ll try to help you.

All the best !


don't give up giving up.....

Ok I failed in my last attempt, i've been putting off writting here but then i thought.No. I'm not going to give up giving up.....

I had an awfull weekend last weekend (I'm not going into details, as i'm aware this site is not an agony aunt forum lol)and i also hate excuses....

But any how i cracked......feel silly....but hey, it's done.....

But I stopped again yesterday, so i'm back on track:D ....Going through the day 2 stuff today, feeling hungry and my hand is always going for the fags that aren't there......

First thing this morning, i heard rehearsals was cancelled,which is not a good thing with the stage we're at....and instead of sulking,(and wanting to smoke again) i got on the phone to find another extra time we could all do....And now i feel really positive.......

Right withdrawl symptoms......I'm

Sorry all for the relapse

Hope you all doing well



Heya Malone :D

Good! glad you're not beating yourself up over it x x

If you go through many of the members posts you will see many have relapsed, it's the 'not quitting quitting' that counts !! :D

I also have had to quit more than once :rolleyes:

You could always ask your GP or local Pharmacist about seeing a cessation person I have used them in the past and they are a great help, even if you are going cold turkey! remember too if you are finding it stressful that NRT is a positive move towards non smokingdom :D

Good Luck x x


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