Speeding ticket...so what!

Evening, well got a speeding ticket notice today, doing 37 in a 30, I thought it was a 40 road doh! Anyway I realised when speaking to my husband about it later that my personality has changed!! I would have phoned my Mum , at least 2 friends and updated my Facebook status about it whilst smoking cig upon cig for the stress a month ago. AS it was I thought bugger that's my treat money gone and put the ironing away. Has anyone else found they are more relaxed and chilled out about life and just generally?

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  • Part of that will be because you're no longer suffering withdrawal from nicotine. It was the withdrawal that caused us to be tetchy and stressed and the way we solved that was to smoke again. Within the hour we were suffering withdrawal again so we smoked - again!

    You've stopped that cycle and the rest of your quit is now psychological. It seems to me that you're beating that too :)

    Good going Ali, this time it's for keeps :)

  • A bit pants about the ticket, but happy for you that you are chillin'. X

  • Thanks Caroline...hoping they offer me a course...:-D

  • Ali that made me laugh lots! Thank you :)

    I've noticed I'm less stressy, and in fact this morning i was thinking, 'Hmmm, but nothing stressful has really happened, I wish something a bit difficult would rear its head so I can test my new unstressiness...' Then I realised that hoping for stressful events is just silly.

    Happy days Ali x

  • I was trying to explain to my Mum earlier how I just know I will never again smoke a cigarette..its a combo of fear, I never ever want to go through CT again it was so awful , stubborness but mainly now I am out of it smoking just seems really DAFT!! ;-)

  • Ha Incy , I would have preferred stress that doesn't cost me £60 or a speed awareness course but yeah it was really interesting...x

  • I bet! If it's any consolation, my other half did the speed awareness course last year and really enjoyed it, bizarrely. Found it interesting, so he said. He did keep giving me tips for the first few weeks afterwards...

  • ^^^^ oh my god Karri I laughed so hard when I read this :D :D :D

  • ROFL karri that was so funny

  • Karri that's BRILLIANT!

  • I remember going for a curry once and having really horrendous wind. I got pulled over and the Policeman came up to the window. I had to put the window down and as long as I live I will never forget the look on his face when it hit him!!!

    There . Are . No . Words . :p

  • Karri you are amazing ...just had my youngest look at me odd for lol ...:-)

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