No Smoking Day
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Feeling proud but still missing "something" if you know what I mean! Just done 12hr shift with a miserable, stroppy, bad tempered sod...and come home with him too! Yes ppl I work with my other half and nothing to do with withdrawal I could have thrown something at him many times last few days (and thats the best scenario!) but its making things so hard...I still haven't got my head round not being a smoker! Its still in my head that I need one cos am stressed, I deserve one cos I haven't killed anyone, one wont hurt!!! I know its early days and I haven't given in even though I can't hear the voice of reason in my head anymore over the constant drum beat of "smoke! Smoke! Smoke! Smoke!" ARGH!!!! And disgusting is NRT gum??? It does help but prob only cos it makes you feel that sick you cant face putting anything near your mouth! :-S must remember to avoid it when I pour a very large glass of wine on Friday night :-D g'nite everyone!!! Stay strong!!! Xx

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That's the reward cigarettes syndrome O'Malley, don't fall for it!

You've gone long enough now for most of the nicotine that was left in your body to have gone, don't underestimate that achievement :)

Feeding it now, even with one puff, will quite probably put you back to square one, you've worked too hard to get where you are to do that haven't you?

Remember, time is what heals, so just keep taking it one minute and one hour at a time. You've done so well so far, just have absolute faith that eventually all the feelings you're having now will evaporate and that not smoking will become so normal to you that you won't even think about it.

We're all proud of you here, be proud of yourself, you ARE winning - even if it doesn't feel like it yet :)


Another day down. I like captains post here don't fall for the mind tricks. Hard I know! But you are doing so well x


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