So just doing my daily post, worked this morning, came home and and what a horrible day of rain and wind (the joys of living in NE Scotland by the sea), anyway no walk down to lighthouse for me today, so afternoon inside feel a bit restless and bored tonight, hubby obviously had a busy day at work as sound asleep :), kids doing their own thing, sorry for rant, but proud that I've not smoked, hopefully tomorrow will be better and I won't feel so restless x Hope everyone is getting on ok with their quits x

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  • So close to completing the first month now Jess, beware this Friday 13th though :p

    You're doing great, you say you're restless and bored but you haven't said you are craving, so that's got to be good :)

  • Thank you Capitan, yeah just one of those days, not had a craving as such just a thought that it would be nice to have a cigarette, which I know it wouldn't really be and I didn't go through all this hell to get nicotine free just to cave because I'm bored x

  • Hi Jess, well done. I felt a bit restless in the early days too, felt like I had forgotten to do something all the time and was a bit on edge. All good now though. will be for you too. You are right though, boredom would be a daft reason to give in. :)

  • Maybe it's your walk you were missing more so than a cig? Just a thought.... Ur walks to the lighthouse have become your norm and your new routine has been disrupted today, let's hope the sun is shining tomorrow and you can get out there and have a stomp :) xx

  • I think your right Donna, supposed to be the same here again tomorrow, might just have to go walk in the pouring rain x

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