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No Smoking Day
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oops a daisy

erm , that was a false start.

back to day 1 - thank goodness - smoking is hard work

hope everyones ok


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Good luck Daizy :)


arrr thanks guys - just turned out to be terribly bad timing :)

but im ok ready to move on - i dont find the first days too hard, so its not that much of a big deal -but i do want to do this and need to get back on track :D


Hi Daisy,

Hey we've all been there...just make sure you get back on the horse as soon as possible!! That's what I am going to do :)

Keep us posted on your progress x


well that also went abit pear shaped:eek:

but to tel the truth , things have been a little odd around here of late - well very odd , so i am hopeing to make a much better attempt tomorrow , now things have calmed down a little . I have also treated myself to a little inhalor thingy today , to work along side the patches, to help me get through those odd moments when i feel that i 'need' one.

Feel like ive been messing you guys around a little , and i am sorry for that , and truley appreciate the help and encouragement that i have been givin here :)

My doctor has told me to stop , my dentist has told me to stop , my kids have told me to stop and i have told me to stop.

and stop i will

sorry guys



Thanks karri , how are yougoing with your quit?


Hi Daizy

Goodness no need to apologise and no need to feel like you're messing us around!! Silly thing :D

We've all (well I imagine the vast majority anyway) tried more than once, or twice or several times! The important thing is to keep on trying - what Karri says is so true!

Good luck and keep letting us know how you're doing.


hey thanks divingdale

im just doing some reading up now, to get into day 1 mindset

i do feel a little silly , with 2 false starts there, but im putting that behind me now. :)


Don't feel silly, if you do then we all have to!!:D


Daizy - if you wanna feel better take a look at my failed attempts lately - make sure you have plenty of time - there are many!!:eek:

I for one think it's great that you're still here on the boards - there are many "Day 1" posts that we never hear from again. I have learned a lot from failing, and though i havent got there yet, i refuse to quit quitting, dont wanna be a double quitter!!:p

Hang in there - breathe and reboot and try agan, good luck:)


im feeling better now from hearing from all of you.

is there anyone else starting tomorrow?

this addiction is nasty :mad:


You've tugged at my heart-strings with your red face (:mad:) - was gonna give myself another week, but sure it's just an excuse. I'll be your buddy:) Cant make any promises as to how long i'll last, but how about we just say for now we wont smoke together just for tomorrow?


Go for it both of you - super idea!

I'll start baking now so you've both got tombs of cake to eat. Hmm on the other hand baking is not my strong point and likely to send you right over the edge!

MASSIVE positive energy coming your way instead.



HAHAHA just seen my typo, 'tombs of cake' Will leave it as highly appropriate!


oh lula , so pleased your gonna join me, if we hold on to each other maybe we wont fall off . i know we both want this, and im happy :D

im glad things are going well for you karri , this forum seems very great - well i spose were alll in the same boat


bring on the morn


YAY - I'm feeling good too. We just have to remember even if we dont feel so good tomorrow - it's only 1 day....if we HAVE to, we could smoke on Wednesday, but for tomorrow we are being nice to our bodies:)


i agree - not tomorrow - i am not smoking then, and neither are you:p

gonna get all my nrt stuff out tonight - are you using anything?

get cooking dale - think cake could be a great plan :)


Thought i might try some crack cocaine to take the edge off, but other than that - nothing:p (kidding obv!)

I'm going CT. My problem is never really with "cravings" as such, more the psychological side of it. I'm sure it is all "craving" related, but what i mean is i never go "oh my god i need a fag" and rush off to get one....more that i talk myself into the fact that waiting one more day wont matter. Once i've "justified" it to myself with one lame reason or another i can happily go all day without smoking safe in the knowledge i'll get to smoke later. So hoping the LITERAL one day at a time will help:)


i think your very brave going ct - but justt think about it :) 72 hours and the nicotines gone for you , maybe you could make a little chart where you tick away each of those hours

i cant do ct - id really upset the kids - cos i go not nice - then ill use that as my excuse to smoke. the long drawn out way i think is more my cup of tea

see you in the morning


the mind games are mad arnt they, try and keep smiling, and dont get drawn in


At least you are aware of your excuses, most people dont get that far! Me, i seem to fall for the same thing over and over:rolleyes:

Nicotine is only 1 chemical, so i dont think it matters if there's a bit of that going around you - it's still about 4 bazillion less chemicals than if you're smoking! CT/NRT/PMA/ - whatever gets us off the cigs:D


I hope tomorrow goes well for both of you :)


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