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just realised....


My plan is to use no smoking day as my quit day...but I'm 12hr nights!! Do I use midnight as my stopping point?? (so my last one would prob be about 5.30pm on tue) or wait till I get up on the wed cos in my head thats when the next day begins? Is waiting till I get up cheating?? Bit confused now cos stopping at midnight would feel like I'm getting a head start but I think I prefer the idea of stopping on a new day! Urgh!! Is it really such a big deal?? Why is this bothering me?

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I stopped at 11.30pm on 26th January 2012.

All of my milestones have been based around that time and date.

My first day was achieved at 11.30pm on 27th January, my first week at 11.30pm on 2nd February, my first month at 11.30pm on 26th February and my first year at 11.30pm on 26th January 2013 etc, etc.

I actually stopped smoking in a leap year, so my first year was, in fact, 366 days long - why did I have to make it harder for myself? :p

Lol!!! Looks like I will be making same mistake then!! 366 days?? Bring it on! Xx

Hi alleycat. I set my quit date for the 23rd feb then ignored it completely as I'm not good at having such a closed option and my anxiety then frustration went through the roof. Fortunately I moved on from that, continued reducing and now have the weirdest quit time I could imagine: 6pm on a Friday evening. It just happened. I also found, probably due to my contrary streak that u would blatantly ignore stop smoking days in the past. A rebel without a cause! Now I have a cause.

Anyway, just be easy on yourself and go with what feels right.

All the best to you, and keep breathing 😜

I feel ready (I think!) had a good couple days feeling nice and positive! For the first time in my life I honestly want to do this...even though has taken me 2 months to get close to stopping completely and I'm still scared but the "wish" to stop is stronger! Time for me to at least try!

Thanks for all the support!! Xx

I had my last cigarette 2pm on dec 30th and have been counting since then.

I plan on having a penthouse party which lasts for a few days so I suppose there I can cover every eventuality for my birthday!

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I'll invite you to my penthouse party on the 1st Feb 2016 if you let me go to yours in December :)

Done, done and done!

Any excuse to extend the party!! X

By birthday I mean when I was born again and starting life

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

Alleycat, hello :) Have your last one whenever it feels right, and count from there. I think if it's just 'sometime' on the Wednesday, that's still using NSD to get you going in my book :) And good luck with it!

And, Walkabout, my quit time's just as weird as yours - my last cigarette was at 7 in the morning on my quit date!

Agreed, last cigarette when you feel it is right, in 365 days it will make no difference if it is morning or evening x

Jess91000 Days Smoke Free

I stopped at 11pm, on 17th Feb, so tomorrow is my 3 week mark, every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, quit is a cause for celebration, good luck whenever you decide. It's hard but although you may not believe it at the time, it gets easier every day, and you do feel so much better good luck x

Let me be the first to congratulate you into week 3 for tomorrow jess :) x


I was planned to stop in the 23rd feb and didn't until the 26th. Doesn't matter to me now I'm 12 days in and with the support on here feeling ok.

I think you're doing great being in here and getting ready. I did that but just reading and it has really helped me. X

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