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Hi all :) what a lovely friendly forum this seems to be! Wish I had found it last week - I'm on day 9 of my last and forever cold turkey quit (sounds positive, right? Thing is I've failed so many times it's hard to believe myself. Sh though, I think I have most of me convinced. Last night I even dreamed I had a new job, and explained to my new boss I wouldn't be needing fag breaks coz I don't smoke!) Hoping to get to know some fellow quitters here. Happy Saturday one and all.

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Happy Saturday indeed incy wincy. Let me guess what your favourite insect is....

When you say you think you have most of you convinced, what exactly do you mean and why not 100%?

9 days is an absolutely fantastic achievement, what are you spending your extra time on?

just think, by the end of today you will be into double digits!

So sit back and relax in your room, but not too much because quite soon you will be moving into your third week :)


Hi incy and welcome :)

Well done on getting day 9 you have found a great place in this forum full of people all trying to beat there own nicotine demon at different stages or just wanting to offer their support

writing a list of reasons why you have quit will help as well as coming on here to post first if you feel your resolve slipping there is also some brilliant posts in the tip section

Distraction is true the key in the early days keeping both hands and mind busy a lot of people either take anew hobby like knitting crochet or even colouring I used to play a lot of online games to help me

Love your name btw :D

Onwards and upwards is the only way to go I look forward to seeing your progress


Hi Starting Life :) I just mean that there's a tiny and irritating bit of me that's expecting to fall off the wagon. She's shrinking every day though, don't worry!

Extra time...little things like hoovering all the random bits of tobacco out of my car, and pretending to study. (Must actually do some today - I am half way through a degree with the OU)

Looking forward to double figures!


Ohhh forgot to mention most people here have had many attempts at quitting before they found their final quit and if you just look at those attempts in a positive light as a run up to this one :)

Btw don't forget to save the money you would have spent so that you can treat yourself

Its scary how much the money soon adds up:eek:


Thanks for the welcome Carol :)

Colouring rocks doesn't it? Will defo put it on my list of distractions, you're a genius!

Yesterday I opened an online savings account which all my fag money is now going into :)

I've got a quitting app which sets daily missions, today's is to write down the five best things about not smoking...

Also, love your title, what wonderful motivation! They must be proud of nanny :)


Your very welcome :D and yes colouring does rock i got some really good pattern colouring books afew years ago that my oldest grandson loves to make a picture for me and my youngest as never known me as a smelly nanny

ohh an app is brilliant i got advised to just set a reminder to go of every so often just to remind me how well i was doing ohh and yes a saving account is a great idea you will soon see how much you have saved i know alot of the people on here have saved up to buy really big items with the quit money loving the idea too of find 5 things that are good about not smoking

hope you have a great smoke free day :D:D


Hi and welcome. Day 9, fantastic! You've got the hardest days behind you x


Thanks Caroline - I'm SO pleased with myself, I can't tell you! I wish I knew how this time was different - I haven't cheated, or had to give all my money and cash cards to my Mr to stop me buying tobacco, I've just sort of done it...I know I'm not out of the woods yet, but feeling pretty damn positive :D


Welcome Wincy (it reminds me of Wincey Willis if anyone remembers her).

Let's hope that you only have to climb up the spout to freedom once and that no horrible rain, in the form of craves, keeps washing you back down to have to start again :)

I see you are a Cold Nutroaster, I'm the meat eating equivalent :)

I don't know if it's been mentioned, but most of us use NOPE on here, Not One Puff Ever. It's easy to think when you're a fair way into a quit that you can handle a puff or a full smoke and go back to quitting. We forget how hard it was to get to the point we are at. Many have tried one puff or one smoke and ended up going right back to square one. Yes, there are a few exceptions, but they are very few and far between. I decided very early on that I was not going to risk finding out if I could be one of them or not.

Stick to NOPE and you're home free. Use this forum constantly, it will help you no end. I lived on it for the first 12 months of my quit and I'm so glad I did. You sound upbeat, positive and lots of fun, I think you'll be a good mentor in the weeks to come for all the newbies that follow in your footsteps :)


Haha, Captain, I thought of Wincy Willis when I chose my name! And then the 'John Kettley is a weatherman' song got stuck in my head...who sang that now?

I need NOPE - definitely remembering it this time (had SO many failures after thinking I could just have one...sigh!)

Thanks for the warm welcome - I'm really glad I joined in the fun and hope I can help future quitters :D


Ah yes, A Tribe of Toffs :)



YES! Thanks Captain!


Hey incy, how are you getting on today?

I too stick to the NOPE mantra, wish I also used this before as I used to have the just one before long smoking full blown again.

What were your 5 good reasons btw?



Starting Life - so true, I broke so many attempts by just having one! How long have you been quit?

My five best things about not smoking were (yesterday - I've thought of others overnight but stupidly didn't write them down)

1 Me, my clothes, my hair, my house and my car no longer stink.

2 Waking up with no sore throat/cough/nasty breath. Well, morning breath isn't great anyway, but minus smoking, it's better anyway!

3 I don't feel nervous about how I smell when kissing my lovely fella, or hugging friends, or generally talking to my daughter.

4 Just the incredible feeling of pride that I AM beating this thing - every hour I don't smoke is really precious, and every time I go in the shop without buying tobacco is an achievement.

5 Watching the numbers go up on the magic app - hours smoke-free, money saved, lifetime gained, health improved, and the number of cigarettes I haven't smoked since quit date. Those numbers are brilliant!

6 (I never know when to stop) Funkier and more vivid dreams at night. I love dreams!


I've nit been smoking since 30th dec incy.

I love your list, and the pride grows every day you stay smoke free, every time you have a trigger that you don't cave in to.

The longest I have quit for in the past is 6 months. Then I didn't have this forum and all the wonderful people on here, and didn't know/stick to NOPE.

So for me it is simple, stick to these with a strong positive mental attitude with the desire never to smoke again and it will be plain sailing!


All the above and I have one more, I keep thinking I've already put on the weight, wouldn't be really stupid to give up now and end up fat & still smoking, really?!


I have lost weight since stopping smoking. Well, a little weight but have lost around the waist, seem to be more toned as i became more active with a better diet


So true! I am expanding already...hopefully soon the energy will kick in and fitness will occur...maybe!


Starting life, that's what I'm hoping for! Good for you :)


Its like they say, you are what you eat and the better I eat, The better my energy levels. When I was smoking I didn't have breakfast and quite often took no lunch. Now I don't smoke I get hungrier and eat at these times. I think as a result of which my metabolism has built up so I burn more off. Being more active definitely helps as well.

Just try some level of fitness, I think it releases something into you which makes you feel better. I know I have higher energy levels as a result or which. Although with my dodgy foot I do think sometimes ;)


Skipping starts tonight Starting Life :)

I'm a breakfast-misser too, but funnily enough found myself eating breakfast a few of times since I quit.

Thanks for the motivation boost there!


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