Day 5 ...still alive...feeling fine 5 again and I feel great, have had a rough week with headaches, aches etc but it just made me stronger. I can't explain why and am not being overconfident but I just know I will never smoke again. Something clicked last Sunday for me. I am 40 next year, not a kid anymore...I have kids which I would be mortified if they ever smoked...I am their example..

Anybody reading this,I never believed I would be a non smoker, enjoy being a non smoker either. I failed ...lots of times...twice documented on here...keep trying till it will one day :D x

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  • So great to hear Ali :)

    Mindset is such an important part of a quit and it appears yours is in the right place :)

    Just a word of caution, craves can hit quickly, at any time and in any situation. If/when they do, remember your post and come on here for support.

    It's great to see you so upbeat, really great :)

  • Totally Capitan, every other time I tried I never really believed I would do it, always knew I would smoke again ...this time I just can't even imagine putting a cig in my mouth..its hard to explain why I feel different, what triggered it...I just know I dont ever want to smoke ever cravings I am batting away like contractions...I figure if I could do 72 hours labour this smoking lark is a walk in the park...;-)

  • Print your two posts in this thread out, blow them up and stick them around your house. Carry smaller versions with you wherever you go. If a strong urge hits, and you can't get on the forum, look at them and read them out loud to yourself.

    Minute by minute, hour by hour the Penthouse will become closer and closer :)

  • Hi Ali, massive well done. I got that feeling at day 16. Just knew I wouldn't smoke. Don't get me wrong, I've had massive wobbles and close shaves. It's early days in your quit, keep going and so happy for you x

  • Thanks Caroline...I have felt so rough and shivery and awful this week it has petrified me...cannot ever ever go through that again...keep meaning to ask you how your job hunt is going? Kudos to you packing your job in...xx

  • It's brilliant reading posts like this :D and will certainly inspire those following behind you

    Onwards and upwards is the only way to go

    Yay :D go you :D

  • I had that light bulb moment 18 days go that's why I have found my quit pretty easy. Just wish it had been 20 years ago.

  • Ali, I'm taking a month off, I've got 3 weeks annual leave. I will then start looking for a new job. I've had an eye appt today and am being referred to hospital as I have a black cloud over my left eye. It may explain the migraines I've been having. So am in no rush, I've got enough in the bank to keep me going for a couple of months and if push comes to shove, I'll do some bank work :) remember Max saying sometimes you have to throw the bones in the air and see where they land. I'm watchin' dem bones.:)

  • Hi Caroline, have they checked you intra occular pressure, from what you are saying it sounds something like my wifes problem, she has suffered with Glaucoma and Detatched retinas. If the pressure is high in your eyes it could explain the migraine headaches

  • i've had all the tests done at the opticians, they weren't happy with my left eye (but nothing urgent). i have no idea at the moment what it is but should imagine can't be too serious as they tend to jump on problems with eyes.

  • Hi Ali, really pleased for you, you sound so happy and in the right frame of mind which is definitely half the battle! Keep it up and have a fabulous smoke free weekend :) p.s change ur signature I'm ever so confused when I read it :) xxxx

  • Thanks everyone.

    Caroline, I hope its nothing serious and your appointment comes through quickly x

    Changed my signature, can't see it on my phone :D

  • Well done, I don't know about everyone else but I always find the weekends hard, but heading into my 3rd one so hope this one is easier x

  • Day 5 and you felt so alive, so Day 6, how's tricks? :p

    Get through this weekend and you've made a whole week Ali, make sure you come on the forum if you need to :)

    Have you printed off your first two posts of this thread like I suggested? I think they'd help to strengthen your resolve when needed:)

  • Congrats Ali. Hope is going well for you. Inspirational to hear experience from people just that bit ahead of me (I hope just that bit ahead of me!).

  • 6 er full of Weetabix?? Seriously a good day, one craving (big one) batted away, not missed smoking a daft amount of cigs , cause its the weekend? My hair smells lush, my skin is brighter...happy days...:D X

  • Day 6 and you've given up the cancer sticks :p

    Great going Ali, I've a feeling that if you stick to NOPE you've found your forever quit this time :)

  • Well done!!!! Sounds like you're in the right place and exactly where I want to be!! Have a very happy and smokefree wkend! Xx

  • Well Done Ali, The taste buds must be working now, enjoy food, my favourite when I first packed in was a bowl of salad with tinned mackerel or tuna, add a few grapes halved and ground black pepper to taste, a spot of lemon juice or garlic oil also helps. I'm getting hungry thinking of it

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