day 1 again

Failed again and I am back to day 1. been extremely down and anxious all at the same time and it wouldn't lift so I tried smoking to see if it would lift my mood but it obviously did not. I actually was not craving at all. Have booked to see gp next week as I do feel its hormonal as I am perfectly fine for 16 days out of each month and then I slide into nastiness. Anyway I am now on half a patch and feeling normal again with no cravings. I am scared of being depressed which is why I am going to see gp.

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  • Sorry to hear that Gerti, and that you've been feeling so down & depressed. You poor girl...:(

    A huge pat on the back for resuming your place in the saddle so quickly though. You've not lost anything- just gained some additional experience that will come in extremely useful for the months ahead- and I am sure a visit to your GP will result in anything else you need to stabilise your mood.

    Onwards dear Gerti, and things will soon feel better I am sure. Please accept a large virtual hug from me. :)

  • Please don't feel bad. I am in the same boat as you, back to day 1 and beating myself up. We are good company for each other

  • Hey sorry to hear that Gert, put it behind you, press reset and when your ready come out swinging xx

  • Thank you. Am now feeling fine and predict I will be fine for a couple of weeks and it may hit me again so its definitely cyclical in pattern. I can't take ad's so I need to chat with gp about alternatives. Problem is that this depression I get doesn't last 2 weeks an because it lifts they say its not depression.I actually forced myself to smoke last Tues in an attempt to help myself, it was foul, I switched to an ecig, switched back to the stinkys again and then felt it was so foul and I still felt like poo

  • Bertie I had so many day 1 s I was ashamed to show my face lol....

    Just start again and every quit we learn something...the biggest lesson being one puff leads to disappointment and failure...good luck......

    Ck get tie. You can do this x

  • So sorry to hear this Gerti, I like Carol rose have had too many day 1s to remember but the fact is you've come back and quickly too without allowing yourself to fall deep into the trap. Just another lesson on your journey so be proud of u and hope u feel better soon xx

  • Thank you xx

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