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2 years plus WOW!!!!

I will be amazed if anyone remembers me but I had my last puff on the 5/1/2013 and officially stopped on the 6/1/2013, I have gone past my 2 year mark and because I hardly think about fags these days I forgot to commemorate my anniversary on here, but I have not forgot my struggle in the early days and months to follow my quit and how this forum helped me through the desperate and lonely times and the support I got was amazing. My addiction to Kit Kat chunkys is over and so is my addiction to those terrible cancer sticks ( I still take it one day at a time) any newbie who stumbles upon this post and thinks that a 2 year goal is unachievable it isnt, i was the same 6/1/2013 never give up giving up :-)

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Evening Boss :)

Think I do recall you dropping in occasionally during my early days on the forum. As I always (with boring regularity :rolleyes:) say, it's lovely when one of the Penthouse Alumni pays a visit. Many congratulations on the start of Year Three and may it be a blinder. :D


Ha kk top video that.

Bossdean good to hear tales from the other side, many 😤


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