bit of a test

so, day 10 - first day with time to myself at home (cue to smoke normally), boro game (cue to smoke normally), glass or several of wine in the evening (cue to smoke normally). Has been tough, but I have not given in. I had hoped to give up the ecig after the first week, but have relied upon it tonight - I reckon that if I slip, at least the ecig is not as bad as a full cigarette. I think that this has been my first proper test. The little voice saying 'one won't hurt now' was whispering loud in my ear, but I ignored it and repeated NOPE to myself.

Off to bed now, feeling just a little bit proud of myself!

night all.

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  • Well done. Keep on going!

  • Well done KQ you've did all the right things and thought things through again WELL DONE

  • Way to go on 10 days, keep going!

  • Morning Kent, and welcome to Day 11! :D

    You have every reason to be proud of yourself. I found weekends were easily the hardest times in the early weeks and there's nothing wrong in relying on an e-cig to get you through. You're doing extremely well and it won't be long before you're out and past the really tough time.

    I hope today proves to be a lovely (and crave-free) one for you. :)

  • Well done for getting through Saturday night. I used an ecig last thing at night for about 10 days. It helped me massively, it just seemed to make breaking the habit a bit gentler. I found it much easier to ditch the ecig than the real things! I've never used it since.

  • Thanks Sally, that is good to know. In the first week, I was using the ecig about four times a day, then I stopped on day 8 and was doing really well (I thought). I blame the wine!

  • Nice one there, well done!

    NOPE all the way to the Penthouse will be our cry :D

  • Nicely done Mina! The alcohol always bring the worst inner voices! You did good!:cool:

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