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Feeling Good

Heading towards the end of day 9, and into my second smoke free weekend, and feeling good :cool:

Again I will just say how encouraging it has been for me to see all the Jan 2014 quitters entering the Penthouse one after another.

I was in this place same time last year, as some of you will know, and their success makes me sigh and reflect "It could have been me....."

This time next year, it will be me :)

I know I am sounding like the proverbial broken record but all I have to do is NOT SMOKE - whatever comes my way will not be changed because I decide to light up, so all I have to do is NOT SMOKE


onwards into double figures



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Good stuff Mina, sounding very positive indeed :) totally agree with you seeing all our fellow freedom fighters romp to glorious victory makes me reflect on what could of been, in hindsight that year seems to of whizzed round! Still, not to worry we will be joining all our freedom fighter friends in January 2016 :)


Spot on Donna - reflect, review, then look forward x


We will all be there in January 2016 - I am sure that 2015 is our year!

I hope Jim and Isabel are still with us, the more the merrier for our penthouse party WHEN (not if) it happens.

Soooo excited about day 10 tomorrow!!! Not gone this long without a cigarette in 10 years, so a new personal best.

Taking each day as it comes, NOPE and boiled sweets are working this time.


Nice one Kent, it's going to be one heck of a party :)


Nice one you two - just so you know, I will be arriving for the party with a Mulberry Alexa on one arm, and a telescope across ny back :o


Such a lovely post Mina, and indeed I,m sure this is your year, last years quit is just soooo last year, this is the one that counts I wish you all the luck you deserve, and if determination is anything to go by, you will be at the penthouse in no time at all.

Your so right just keep going, doing great


Great post. I too cannot wait to celebrate with you all next year


Nine days already, that's great. Really pleased that you're doing so well Mina.



You're doing great.



I keep thinking of the Wizard of Oz- I have this vision of Mina, Kent, Donna & the rest all skipping along the yellow brick road with their arms linked and a song in their hearts. :) Perhaps you can open & shut the handbag when you get it, Mina, whilst repeating 'There's no place like the Penthouse, there's no place like the Penthouse..'

I'm certain that you lot will be more than a match for the Wicked Witch of the West and that the journey to the Emerald (Penthouse) City will be a truly magical one. :D


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