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Feeling Proud and feeling good!

Hi Guys,

Just a quick update so you know I'm still here! been working 72hrs this week so not much time.

Day 43, feeling pretty good, cut down for the last week to 1/2 Champix tablet a day so feeling ok with no nasty side effects.

Have now lost 9 1/2lbs since I quit! Happy bunny!

Where the heck did all this will power suddenly come from!

Saved £98.69 and not smoked 1,097 cigarettes!! Thats scary, how many cigs must I have smoked over the last 35 years! Good grief my poor lungs!:eek::eek:

Going out tomorrow for a bit of a drinking session, my 1st big temptation but I will stay strong!

Hope everyone is feeling as good as I am today!

Bev. xx:D:D

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Blimey, Bev, you're steaming ahead aren't you? Not only on Day 44 now (nearly made your half-century :)) but you've lost the best part of a stone to boot! That's fantastic! :D

Too right you deserve a drink and I am sure you have built up a sufficient arsenal to stay strong on your night out. I hope you have a lovely time as you certainly deserve it. :)


Wow such a wonderful post, all the positivity is showing through, and that's marvellous:):) huge congratulations from me.

To loose weight also is awesome.:cool:

So very well done, enjoy:)


Hi Bev

A massive well done to you for keeping at it :) The night out sounds much deserved after working all those hours!

I'm using a similar app though I only smoked an average of 12/day, my hubby did point out that I had smoked over 45,000 fags since we met in 2006, I am thinking that habit took up way too much time :eek:



Hi Befly

Really enjoyed reading your post and many congratulations - you are zoooming ahead. So many benefits, huh?! So glad you're feeling proud and feeling good. I'm not surprised. :) :)


Fantastic post Befly and just shows it can be done.

Enjoy your evening out, you deserve it. xx


Thanks everyone,

I can happily say I have been out all day drinking and eating and sitting by the river and even done a bit of holiday shopping!

Had a lovely day with great friends and wasn't even slightly tempted to smoke even with everyone smoking round me!

Bev. xx:D:D


Way to go Bev... Please share your weight loss secrets, I am on Day 40 and the weight is starting to creep up.

Keep on, keeping on



No weight loss secrets i'm afraid! I joined slimming world when I quit as I always put on so much weight, I actually put on 1/2lb this week but that was coz I went out on the booze and had a burger and chips as well! Was nice though! I think you just have to eat lots of fruit & veg and avoid all the fatty things that we all love!

Good luck to you,

Bev. xxx


Well done Bev, weight loss can be done I'm the same back on slimming world no cheats and it's coming off. Well done being out drinking etc as well :)


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