No Smoking Day
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Come on yallllll I've arrived

Yippy...Whop whoop...Boogie do

Make room at the Penthouse Max and Kat one more coming in.

So I haven't been on this forum in ages, yet at the start I couldn't keep away. I wanted to drop in though to say I've made it. One year today smoke free.

So in a year I have...All smoke free.

Gone on holiday and relaxed on the beach (this was a though one)

Moved house, which took 6 months with the first house we were buying falling through.

Celebrated Christmas

Celebrated New Year

Went to a funeral of a friend my age.

Stayed the same weight one year on!!! (ok as of today I am 1lb heavier)This was a biggy for me I was terrified of gaining weight and used this as an excuse not to give up.

And lastly drank vino all the way through.

So I have just cracked open the champers to celebrate and if they are around would again like to say a big cheers to Max and Kat who for me were worth more than any quitting aid, or health official and I owe a lot of my quit success to them. xx

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Oh WOW thatt's fab!!

Massive well done for getting to the Penthouse especially with a very full year!!


Huge congratulations, what an achievement :D


Hey Team

I have the biggest smile on my face...Max and Kat...both my hero's (you should be married) newbies this is for you. We really just need use this forum and support each other. I feel I can't post on Facebook I've given up x year's or months as people think well you shouldn't smoke in first place x . but here we are free too support each other and know how ****** hard it is. x



Many, many congratulations Ladybug. Us behind you on the road can only hope to emulate you one day.

Enjoy the fizz :)


Huge congratulations Ladybug, enjoy the penthouse :D


Huge congratulations, I am in awe :):):)

Flipping fantastic achievement :D:D:D:D


Thats such an amazing thing to read! Well done to you! You should be soooo proud! X


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