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Day 100

Had to come on and share that my phone just pinged and chirped to tell me ( and remind me) that at exactly this moment 100 days ago I extinguished my last cigarette!

I remember that one really well! I remember standing outside, and had one before the school run, a daily occurrence! ( although I had quit and started again for a couple weeks old habits were reading their ugly heads again) and I remember thinking how ridiculous that I feel like I need a cigarette to venture out of the house? I thought of many more and finally thought.... enough. No more! Stubbed it out. Threw the rest if the pack away and my various lighters, NRT and more it was;)!

100 days! I love it:) there was once a time I thought I couldn't make it through an hour without one but not anymore:) keep going fellow quitters it gets better! And when it's hard you have little moments like this that keep you going! :)

Hope everyone is having a great day! Mines just got fantastic!! :D

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Such a wonderful post, the power of thought is a strong emotion, and indeed you have put your thoughts to such a good cause.

Just brilliant, it's so fantastic when we realise, we are keeping our quit in tact, and doing it in such grand style.

I do hope a treat is in order, fantastic a big well done from me


Woo hoo well done Laura that's fab news! I totally forgot about mine until Tea messaged me, Christmas, puppy and the company VAT return has kept me totally pre occupied! :) well done again xxx


100 days, great stuff, I'm chuffed for you and sense I'm not on my own.


That's wicked Laura!


Thanks my lovelies! :) I'm so happy was having a right poo morning full of meetings too! Karen it's funny what we used to do ain't it? I used to reward myself!! Oh washing done.... Cig..... Dinners done ..... Cig..... Advert..... Cig.... Bath..... Cig. And so it went on! Bleurgh!

Donna and Debbie ( where art thou Debbie) - congrats on your century:) check us out:D

Tea- that made me giggle! Reminded me of Anna! Can i be elsa? I want magical ice powers! In the mean time I'll stick with my Wonder Woman costume under my casual clothing!

And also just a wee mushy soppy thankyou to everyone on this site! It really has made such a difference to my quit. The support is endless and I'm always grateful for it:) xx


Just sticking my head around the door to offer my (rather belated) congratulations Laura. Fantastic! :D

...and today is 101- A Nic-Free Oddessy... (:))


I'm a bit late but wanted to say congratulations on your 100 days Laura.


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