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Entering day 2

Was pleasantly surprised that my bedtime wheeze was nowhere to be heard last night and that's after just 1 day off the fags. Its been a noisy wheeze for a few years and the last 6 mths it has been there all the time. It was this wheeze that had frightened me into my current quit. I do have a smokers cough and over the past 2 yrs have found it harder to clear my throat when coughing but I am sure that will improve with time. Was fairly agitated last night but nothing I couldn't handle. Had a decent nights sleep, woke up briefly at 3am but otherwise all ok. Decided to stop using the ecig this morning and have slapped on a patch. Have started drinking a glass of fibregel a day to help with the constipation that I usually suffer with for the 1st month. I also usually suffer with mouth ulcers and wondered if any members have tips to ward off the ulcers? Maybe salt gargles or something. Just trying to get ahead of the game. I am going for a 2 mile fast walk today and will do this every day for the next month at least as I feel it will keep some of the anxiety at bay. Into day 2 and positive xx

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Thank you x


well done!! I find that I have less anxiety now that I have quit smoking, i guess its less stress because I dont have to count my cigarettes and I had to plan my days around smoking. Its really good about your bedtime weezes, and just after day 1, just imagine what it will be like after day 100! It only gets better from here, soon you will start noticing it is easier to exercise and you will be going for 10 mile walks :p

Keep up the good work :)


Thank you for all your support, it is a massive help. xx


Hi gertie, got the first day out of the way, happy days, :) x


Well Done That Gertie! :)

It really goes to show doesn't it? Two days quit and already you've lost the nighttime wheezing (which, incidentally, was one of the things that made me decide the time had come to quit too).

Not only are you clearly determined and set firm in your commitment to see it through this time, you also sound like someone who has learned heaps from the practise runs and has all the amunition necessary at hand. With all those positive things I'll predict that this is The One and that this time next year there'll be a brand new Penthouse member relaxing in the jacuzzi bar. :D

Keep it up Gertie and Week One will be done & dusted before you know it.


Well you have started you'd quit with such determination, now that is amazing, I to used the patch method, not least as I wanted to stop the hand to mouth motion. It worked for me

I do so look forward to your progress, so please read and post often, just keep going,


Thanks for the support, it really does mean a lot. It makes me feel there are others that have been there and truly feel the desperate feelings that come with quitting. xx


Good luck Gerti!

We have all def been there, I'm only on day 8 and have crazy dreams that I'm smoking, nervous that I might lapse on a daily basis, but then everyone here just lifts me back to where I should be and I get thru a day at a time so far!

You will do absolutely fine!


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