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Month 4

Yippee.... I'm in a shiny new section! ;)

Feeling good and confident as each day comes and goes! never gotten this far before. I am still often reminded that I smoked. If I'm stressed in particular it's right there in my mind, not a craving or urge just a thought, I can feel me forming new habits to replace the old smoking ones! Still have a day here and there where I shouldnt be allowed near another human, so see myself off to bed or a quiet place to chill out maaaan:) slightly worried that my old habit masked a bit of anxiety but keeping an eye on that and have made an appt! :) did anyone find this happen?

Still worried about the festives, not overly but definately being cautious, I think this may be the year where I'll stay indoors, drink lots of wine, watch elf over and over and eat my way through far too many selection boxes!:) sounds like a plan;)

Hope everyone is jolly good! :D 👍

P.s tea:) If I remember rightly you asked about the weather in my last post, it's absolutely Baltic up in the highlands, blowin a hoolie, with wee flurrys of snow! Do you wanna build a snowmaaaan? :) And I'm loving watching it all through my window with a cuppa:) xx

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Thanks jenny, hope you are well x

Oh Debbie I have Christmas film issues! I love nothing more than binging on rubbish whilst watching Christmas 24, you know the channel that has all the films that no one wants to see? Bahahaha! Someone has to watch them and that someone is me!

Yes I'm in bonnie scotland! On the better side of the weather bomb though! Thought I was gonna take off last night and land in oz but still here! Trampoline can't say the same though;) lol!


Hello Karen (waves) always nice to see another roomie!

It's cosy in here, Debbie and Donna always like to make sure our seats are warm for us coming in! :) not quite the penthouse, but teasing us with what's to come!

Extra vigilant this Christmas so I am:) come way to far to blow it over some Yule log and champers sooo I'll be the designated driver lol! X


Hi there, wow amazing your putting in all the work, coming up trumps, with safe plans to get you through Xmas.

I do hope your very proud doing fantastic


Hi Laura, lovely to see you here, I've lit the fire and the hot choc marshamallows and squirty cream is on the way :) theres a lovely sofa with plenty of cushions and a selection of books, however as this isn't the penthouse there is a bit of a draught under the door, ( well we cant have everything) p.s its your job to decorate the tree ;) ;) :D xxxxx


Flipping well done Laura- Fair Play That Girl!! :)

Hopefully, by now, you & Donna will be happily esconsed on that comfy sofa with a rug around you, a large box of chocolaes and a bottle of fizz on the go. I think your Christmas plan sounds 100% super and I shall also hope that come Hogmanay you will be first-footed by a tall, dark stranger who will sweep you off your feet (if you haven't been already swept of course ;)).

Many congratulations- you really are bouncing along nicely, and with your optimistic outlook and sense of humour you'll come through any snaggy bits with flying colours regardless of the anxiety issues (which I hope will be soon sorted out for good).

All the best from me :D


WOW New quit record :D Always so good to read them words, now keep going and going.

I think a Cathog awards in order :D



Why thankyou! Thanks very much!

I heart cathog!! Looks a feisty fella though! Sure he'll keep me on my toes during the festives;)


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