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Cheating a bit

Feel I am cheating a bit, still got 8 minutes to go till I can move out of Month 1, but hey ho, and cant see myself legging to the shop (tonight anyway)

Boozy night 1 at the pub last night, ok and no real dramas, couple of friends on ecigs all night, and my only 2 smoker chums kept bobbing outside but I had no issues with either.

Actually went outside on one of their trips out and said give me one (I was kidding), was quickly offered it but easily declined. Little dangerous I guess but nice to feel in control for once.

The Penthouse still seems miles off but at least I feel I am at the bus stop en route

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That penthouse will come around super quick, you've just advanced on what was my main concern on my quit at the time and that was BEER! :) Also done the "standing with smoking mates" bit as well. Good luck apart from derby day :D


Before you know it, it will be month 2, 3 ...... 12! You'll get there. Good attitude to feel you are in control. There is a fine line between "can't smoke" to "won't smoke". I hit the year mark last November and still carry a lighter for no other reason than looking at it, sometimes, and smile because I DO NOT want to light up. Silly really, but smoking was a large part of my life and not smoking is as well.

Be strong. Soldier on :)


Well done on passing the month. The time flies doesn't it?


Fantastic Andy! :)

I found the one month point was a real watershed. I really began to believe I could crack this thing at that stage and I hope it feels the same for you. Well done on successfully negotiating your firat boozy night out- such a collection of trigger points but you clearly dealt with them admirably.

Many, many congratulations from me and here's to your second smoke- free month (not to mention a smoke-free Christmas :D)


Well done on one month Andrew. :)


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