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Stop yer grinnin and drop yer linen! 3 years gone!


Hiya all,

I've decided to check in after all this time and what do I find????? A whole new fancy website!!! Whitwoo. It's going to take a bit of getting used to that's for sure. It's been so long since I last popped in that I've forgotten my login and seeing as my email has changed I couldn't send a password reset to my old address as it doesn't exist anymore. Ho hum, so I've created a new account but changed my name slightly. I used to be called Lisa42 but decided on Incey42 this time around. So hello to all and to all hello. I hope my fellow October 2011 quitters are still going strong. Say aye my fellow Octopirates!!!??!!! Just wanted to say that after all this time I never, ever want to smoke again and I very rarely think about it now. On that very rare occasion (I'd say once per year)...I do think hmmmm I wonder what a fag would taste like. But then the sensible part of my brain rushes in and sits on the thought like an elephant. I'd rather drink a pint of creme de menthe!! really.

Three years...I never thought I'd be able to quit smoking but I have and I'm so proud and happy for myself and all my fellow quitters. Live long and prosper - it can be done! For me, the longer I've been quit the easier it has become - so hang on in there and it will get better slowly. Just take it day by day and you will be able to cope better and become stronger. Thinking of you all.

Love Lisa x

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Great stuff Lisa. Very well done.

Now keep on going...

I always say this but I do love it when 'old boy' quitters drop in to reassure us that there really is life Beyond the Penthouse. :D

Many congratulations Lisa- I do hope some of your fellow Oct 2011 quitters drop by to say hello too.

Congratulations Lisa, and thanks for coming back and letting us newbies now how you're doing :)

It gives me hope and helps a lot, so thanks again xx

Brilliant post Incey, thanks for posting. Well done. I'm glad to hear your rarely think about smoking now, great news. :)

Lisa42 as I live and breathe! How the Devil are you?

Great job on the 3 years, I'll be joining you in the new year as you predicted.

Nice to hear from you again, don't leave it so long next time! :)

I have to's eating at me..

Is "stop yer grinning and drop yer linen" a regional phrase? I love it, but I've never heard it before.

It's a quote from Private William Hudson (played by Bill Paxton) in the film Aliens :)

It'll be something to do with retrieving your washing off the line....<cough>

OMG hi Lisa, brilliant on your three years knew you would do it you were always strong, I am still clean 4 years in new year yay, are you still geocaching, looks like it on you cache account I messaged you on there but not sure if you got it, so brilliant to hear from you


Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic, fantastic, brilliant, just amazing, thanks for sharing

Hi Lisa, good to see you back, well done on your three years, are you one of the dolly mixture crew? :) xx

Lisa! Glad to hear from another October 2011 crew member 😄

Hi Lisa, good to see you back, well done on your three years, are you one of the dolly mixture crew? :) xx

No, Lisa started her quit 3 months before Dolly's Mixtures were formed :)

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