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Five weeks in and almost daily battles this week

Today is five weeks off the dreaded sticks and I was doing fine well as much as we can be for first four weeks

Unfortunately my mum died last week and it's been a daily battle not to smoke since then

So far am winning but only by a hairs whisper am hoping week this week will be a little better

I don't post on here very often but frequently read others stories which have kept me going


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Ah I am so so sorry to hear this.... I can completely understand that you are struggling but you have done so well to get this far, just take it hour by hour and see how you go this is the addiction now just grating on you telling you that a cig will make it all better, will make you FEEL better, but it won't I promise you that, I have fallen for it lots of times, it may do initially but a week maybe 2 maybe longer, you will be back on here on day 1 wishing you were 5 weeks quit, big hugs to you hun xxx


So very sorry to read your news Jem :(

All I can say is that to have kept going despite that is mighty and speaks volumes for your determination not to let this thing beat you. Your mum will always be with you and I'll bet she's as proud as punch of you. :)

Please accept many virtual hugs from me.


first of all heres a massive hug from me.

what a week you've had. im so sorry to hear your news. your determination Is shining on through there. well done. I know that couldn't have been easy. At times like this anything is a comfort. nicotine is a demon that will see an oppurtunity and try with everything it has to get back into your precious self, but you haven't let it. That takes a lot of grit and strength to do so huge well done from me.

I hope this next week is easier for you, in terms of those nasty urges to smoke. take its slow, one hour at a time. let us know how you are getting on:) x


Just to echo, that your sorrow is oh so sad, and yes there is only you that understands your relationship with you mum, and indeed this is hard and very emotional,

If I,m not speaking out of turn was this expected or a shock?

Life does indeed go on but is this a reason to smoke, but you know you have come so far, I hope you can continue to stay quit.!

For what it's worth, my mum died on my birthday I was in India, I was in shock for a couple of months, and then it hit me like a brick wall. I cried and cried, but I have learnt, we all feel better after a good cry.

Just keep going. The loss of a family member is hard , but you will find a way to cope.

Please keep posting, if you need to off load please do, just don't smoke,

Sending hugs your way , and just a little strength.


Thanks for all your messages have managed to stay off the demon fags so far

Mum died suddenly and so was a massive shock

I'm from Ireland so I have to return home at end of month to sort her house out so that will be a very trying time

But am determined not to smoke and your stories and advice have kept me going



My heart truly goes out to you, sending your mum peace love and light, god bless xxxx


Hi Jem, so sorry to see your very sad news. x


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