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Five weeks completed today!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all,

Just thought I would report I am on five weeks done today ... yipee!!!

Still look about five years older than when I quit due to the lack of sleep but going to book a facial to celebrate for my day off on Friday so hopefully that will improve things ... if not I will see if i can find the Surgeon from "face off" and get a new one ha ha ha!!

Hope all is going well for your quits folks ... Keep up the good work and THANKS A MILLION for all the support.

Jodi xx:p

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whoop whoop whoop!!!!!

*jumps around excitedly*

Jolly well done in your fabulous quit!

*Big Cheesey Well done smiles* :D:D:D x


Good work Jodi. You'll look about 10 years younger when you've had a decent kip and your skins starts to clear - which I'm sure it is beautifully. I by passed the facial and just went straight for the botox two weeks ago, coupled with 2 litres of water everyday and a strict gym routine I hope to look about 12 when this is over :D


Looking to the future


Well done all of you. Looking forward to saying I have quit for 1 month, 2 months, 1 year etc. Happy with 1 week today!!!!

Good luck all and thanks for the advice and inspiration.

Maymee x


Hey Mahmee,

You're doing what I do, reading a few forum sections ahead and checking that stopping smoking really is possible. Congrats on your week 1 complete. There will be some ups and downs, but hold tight, especially in the first month. Looking forward to congratulating you on your week 2 next :)


Congratualtions, Jodi.


congratulations on your 5 weeks - massive achievement and you should be seriously proud of yourself.

Enjoy the facial

Jen x


Congrats on the 5 week mark!!!! Don't look over your shoulder though as all you will see is me right behind you :D

Here's hoping your 6th week is an easy and trouble free one, where you can be proud of yourself and enjoy another week of life being a non smoker!

keep up the fantastic job Jodi x


Hi jodi

Well done 5 weeks is great keep going



keep up the good work! 3 more days and il be joining you!!


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