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100 days....really

Eek, I would never have thought it but here I am, 100 days into quitting. It's been difficult at times but is definitely getting easier as time goes on. I don't post or comment often but I'm generally lurking in the shadows, lol, and I need to say thank you to you all, reading your posts and comments has got me through some tough times..... :)

I'm doing loads of walking with my Boo, and loving it, she is getting bigger now and along with my daughter, definitely remains one of my motivators for staying stopped :D

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100 days is great, congrats.

I bet those walks are easier too now that you're not choking your lungs with smoke.


Blooming brilliant! 100 days is good going :) well done xx


Congratulations Stacka!!! It'll only get better for you!!


Nice one Stacka! :D

100 days marks one of those rubicon moments I think. Definitely no going back now. I think you have the Penthouse firmly in your sights.

I like your name. It makes me think of a lovely mountain in the far north-west of Scotland called Stac Pollaidh. :)


Well done Stacka, 100 days is amazing - you should feel really proud and pleased. :):)


Aw, thanks everyone, your lovely comments are much appreciated. Yep, my Boo is amazing, one of the best decisions I have made during my quit, she has at times really helped me, just looking at my daughter and Boo has been enough of a deterrent to stop me giving into any cravings, and of course Boo needs loads of exercise, so that's helping counteract the amount of sweets I eat :eek: In fact, we are just back from a couple of hours up *****tone Hill, and about to go to puppy party, lol :) so she keeps me busy too!

Nothing too exciting about my name I'm afraid, just a nickname from when I was younger ;)

Thanks for your continuing support, it really does help loads, be back soon :) x


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