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300 days!

I quit 300 days ago which I still cannot believe. And what is also great is that I only know it's 300 days is because my no

Smoking app told me. Which means I have actually lost count of the days which was also my goal.

To all new quitters on here, I just want to say if I can quit for so long then anyone can. Just take it a day at a time and rather than saying "I will never smoke again", just say to yourself "I won't smoke today". Quitting is the best thing you will ever do. There are no benefits at all to smoking.

If you asked any smoker, believe me they would say they wish they didn't smoke. So to everyone on this forum, you have made the best step to stop!

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You're a legend.

Well done, Woody. Great advice :)

Not long now!!


Thanks all for the messages. Have a great weekend :)


Good stuff Woody x


Well done Woody :):):)


Great post am sure the penthouse is getting ready for your arrival no turning back.

I do so enjoy when posts like these pop along, it does indeed keep me and many inspired .

Many thanks



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