No Smoking Day
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Grouchy grumperson checking into day 4

Hello everyone:)

Day three sucked but that's old news I guess now:D yay!

Feeling very irritable today! It's been a rather long morning! My gorgeous darling children were at it like cat and dog this morning! School run went smoothly until my 2 year old emptied the squished up soggy Cheerios from his pockets around the car:eek: anyhoo no biggie, nor was it a big deal that I had some said Cheerios stuck all the way down my trousers when I got to work! :mad: lol! Everything is frustrating, I'm picking at silly little things to moan about and I'm not normally like this. I know deep down its dear old nic searching frantically for a reason for me to smoke! Bog off dude tis not happening! :p

So here I am day four, sitting at my desk with haribo rings on each finger, feeling ok ....ish. It's a struggle BUT I will not smoke! It's an over whelming feeling of something I must not do! It's not even an option! My colleagues are handling me very well I must say although I have a sneaky suspicion they are very much looking forward to the weekend without me! Lol oops:cool:

Onwards an upwards they say!.....

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good on ya cold turkey I couldn't do it but I noticed a lot here have there some strong ppl here x


Ah Debbie! Great minds! Just bought a massive aero bar! I shall eat this while I start writing out my diet plan! Must not peek at the scales! Cigarettes and scales are the enemy! Lol

Thanks tractor girl! Your right, mr nic has no chance! My previous quit is definitely helping me out here!

Shirley, your not wrong there! This site has been my saviour the past few days, I'm so happy I found it! The cold turkey thing is surprisingly not as bad as I thought it was, I'm quite the NRT fiend, I've always got a inhalator floating about somewhere, so is this new but as you say the support on here has no end and the support at home is matching. As long as we don't smoke, it doesn't matter how we get there:) everyone is capable and has the same goal no matter what it takes to get there:)

P.s I'm less narky this afternoon, a little balder with a few greys but smoke free! Silver lining and all that:D


Firstly what type of aero have you bought? I sincerely hope it's mint :D

I can just imagine u sat at your desk with haribo rings on each finger it made me smile :) for me day 4 was worse than 3 so I'm glad you are feeling better today x


Thankyou all,

P.s Donna don't be daft! I'd have to share if bought mint:p hehe! Hope your choccie orange went down well! I may buy one of those bad boys today! :D


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