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Goodbye smoke


Iv been a secret smoker for years.

Tommorow is my day.

Iv smoked for everything; stress, tiredness, hunger, break day up, sad happy every emotion iv felt results in a ciggerette.

Mainly to feel better.

It does'nt make me feel better a desperate drug addict more like.

Never git through a full day the last couple of years feel so overwhelmed always looking for the next smoke.

Iv planned, its time.

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A big welcome from me. Max is right, if you smoke you smell and people know you smoke, you to will realise this as you progress with your quit.

Great to have you with us such a wonderful decision to quit.

Are you using anything to assist you. Ie champix, patch, inhaler?

Good luck you can do this!

Keep posting:)

The start

Thank you Max, thank you Jenny,

Everytime i have failed at this making it feel more desperate.I stopped during both pregnancies and after. Stupidly started again never around kids. I secretly smoked in my garden never in public, never infront of family,friend or work friends. Just hide away in garden whenever it was safe with kids or wait while they slept.

A disgusting sorry state of affairs.

Even when i was so upset i told a close friend how despetate i was to stop- she did not say a word of support or encouragement. Felt so isolated. Again.

Its been nearly 20 years on and off.

Great you have decided to quit, many people have done the same , re smoking in private, I,m sure , but you know you can quit, maybe get some mini lozenge, if you get some bad craves.

We have all been at day one. And we all believed we could not get past day one , but we have, and you will to.:)

Just do what ever it takes for your first day. And get on here sharpish, if any problems arise!!!

Come on you can do this. Just believe you can and you will.:confused:)

Hi Tracey,

I had the last smoke last night around 8.30pm, iv been up early completely cleared out the garden washed my clothes and myself - Smoke gets everywhere clothes ashes.

Iv been living under a cloud of smoke completely brainwashed convinced i loved it, looked forward to it always there for me..It amazing how you can really believe all emotions are emotional attachment to smoking?? i can now see i had an attachment to the smoking plaster.

Im not using anything at the mo. I have gum and lozenges from boots but for now all good. A big craving will come later n im ready for it.

Thanks lovely, kind warm people.

Welome Secrets :)

You know, I have a really good feeling about your quit. Your determination really shines through and with that in place you have just about everything you need to make this work. Yes, there will be some difficult times but you can (and will) overcome them I am sure. How wonderful it will be not to have a secret addiction any longer! As for the friend who wasn't supportive, you have us now, and there isn't anyone here who won't understand what you're going through.

A huge welcome from me and may your Day One go splendidly :D

Hi Secrets, warm welcome from me too. You have come to the right place, the guys and gals on here are lovely and very supportive. I don't think I could have done it without this forum :)

One of the things that most of us on this forum adore about being an ex smoker is not spending so much of our time working out when we can get out next fag

Above quote from Jenny is so very true, you will be surprised once you realise how much of your time revolved around planning the next cigarette.

Good luck and well done for making the decision to quit :):):)

Hi all,

Thanks Skiddaw, nicky and tractorgirl. I did get through yesterday. Felt a tightness in my face all day i used gum n lozenges that eased too.

Was an extremly busy day - not planned a little stressful. But I learned alot yesterday. At one time i felt a little anxious tight chest but that must be a side affect of not smoking.

Max - I looked at you post all day, so very right and true. Building a nes foundation is exactly what I wish to do.

Days warmth to you all

Your right about the whispers Max!!!

Think im having a tantrum in my head!.. as smoking was a treat - treat myself to a stroke!

Your right about the whispers Max!!!

Think im having a tantrum in my head!.. as smoking was a treat - treat myself to a stroke!

Hey not my words but true.

Lovely to have you with us, you can do this, I know you can :)

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