Seeing this out as a non smoker

Just had a phone call of me mum me grandad has had a stoke.,

He comfy at hospital ATM. But he's the most heathy person I no. He 80 and fitter than most 30 year olds. Never eats junk always home made Jamaican food he cooks his self. Always still walks into town got his own allotment so were never short ov garlic potatoes ect x

Just hope he's going be okay.

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  • So very sorry to hear this news ,Shelley.You and granddad are in my thoughts and prayers today. xxxx

  • sorry to hear that

    Sorry to hear that Shelley, I am sending hugs to you. xxx Please keep us informed on how he is doing.xxxx

  • Sorry to hear about your grandad Shelley. Hope things are looking better today. Hugs

  • Thanks everyone. X

  • Hey Shelly hope he's still comfortable today, thinking of you and yours ;)

  • Hi shelley, I too hope that he is ok and comfortable today.

  • Hi me mums bin see him and he's doing great.. It was caught early. The feeling in his arm back just a little droop on his mouth

    He might need an op tho to relese sum pressur on his brain. But apparently he bin ill for a few months and not been listing to the docs. He been blacking out and collapsed twice in town :rolleyes: fails to let any ov us no tho., typical of him . Was told to take it easy but had not listened and bin digging up his allotment Ect

    But he doing well loveing the nurses.. :D still being his old charming shelf.

  • Sending my best wishes and prayers for his speedy recovery. He sounds like a great bloke!

    Helen x

  • Had update today.

    He out but the op on the blood clot in his brain that caused the stroke cannot safy be removed.

    So he's got blood thinning medication and had bin warned that he might have another stroke in the coming weeks

    If tablets don't shift the clot there's now they can do so he s ticking time bomb.

  • HI Shelly darling, just saw this and hugs to you and family, sounds like he has been lucky! hopefully they thinners work ,my fingers and toes crossed for you

    Well done for not smoking through this :-) these are times when you tend to end up on them!!!

    sp so proud of you

    d xx

  • Fingers crossed

    Sending my best to you and your family. I will keep everything crossed also that the thinning medication works for your grandad.xxxx

    Keep us posted Shelley on how he is doing.xxxx

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