No Smoking Day
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Back to the battling process! I've decided another go at quitting!!

As I'm laying here struggling to breathe, I know in my head and heart The time has come to stop again! I need to quit!!!

So many feelings going round at the minute. I feel excited and ready for the challenge I've set myself, but not looking forward to those nasty nick cravings, the highs and the lows!!!

Maybe not such a good idea quitting during the 6 weeks holidays but at least my little munchkins can keep me busy and fully occupied!! Here's hoping anyways :-)

Wish me luck ppl. Day 1 has started!!!!

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Hi Lyds

Firstly, congratulations on making the best choice ever in choosing not to smoke anymore. :D:D:D Sure, we all have had the same excitement at the challenge and the fear of the cravings.

You can do this! One minute, one hour, one day at a time. Keep yourself busy, drink lots of cold water, go for a nice walk, have loads of fun with the munchkins...whatever it takes, just don't smoke.

The worst cravings will be over within a couple of days and it will just get better and better and before you know it you will be counting in weeks and months.

Make lots of use of the forum, there are plenty of people here to help and support and we are all going through or have been through the same experiences.

Looking forward to your posts on your journey to freedom!

Have a great day!



Hi, and great to have you with us, by the way great decision to get on here and start your quit:)

Please post and read often, I found it really helped me especially in the early days. Any issues please post as usually some one around to help.

Good luck on this happy start day of your quit:):)

Keep busy and just push through:) you can do this:)

Sending a little luck your way


Morning Lyds,

A big welcome to the forum from me. We're all in the same boat here, no matter what stage of quit we're at, and you'll find there isn't anything that someone hasn't experienced at some point. Everyone here is lovely and you'll get bags of support, advice and encouragement whenever you need it.

Congratulations on taking the plunge and may your Day One go as well as it possibly can do. Keep posting and let us know how it goes. :)


Good morning all,

Thanks for all your lovely words and support. So far 9 and a half hours smoke free!! Thanks for all your great advice. So nice to know I've got other people to understand what I'm going to go through and I'm not alone.

Hope your all having a great morning so far and enjoy your day.

Thanks to all



Just to let you all know how today has been so far.

Had a thought but no 'MAJOR' cravings on day 1 like I did on my last quit!! I actually cried on day 1 last time and the hardest crave was after lunch time. Today has been ok but don't want to talk to soon a!!!

It's all about staying positive!!!

Hope everyone else is having a good day??



Well done Lyds :)

I shall keep everything crossed that the rest of the day (and, indeed, the days to come) prove to be smooth going and relatively crave-free.

I hope you will reward yourself with something nice (possibly involving chocolate?) later ;)


Hi Lyds, well done on deciding to quit again and good luck :)


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