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Day 69 - Off on holiday tomorrow

Hi everyone. Today is my 69th day without a cigarette, I really thought I wouldn't make it this far so I'm pleased I have. This Sunday I will be 10 weeks free from the addiction!

I am going on holiday tomorrow, nowhere hot just Southport but looking forward to the break. Unfortunately my Mum is still smoking but she will be the only one who does so I'm sure it will be fine.

I won't be around for a week as on family holidays we try to go 'internet free', doesn't always happen though as we all have smart phones :D

Have a good week all of you and keep being amazing with your quits. :)

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May the sun shine upon you Nicky :)

Have a wonderful time- I'm sure your mum will be proud of you (perhaps you'll have inspired her to quit too?) and I hope you eat plenty of rock, fish & chips, ice cream, etc. :D


Have a great time Nicky :D


Max Thank you, I have never been to that area before so I'm looking forward to shopping in Liverpool and visiting Blackpool. I'm sure my Mum will smoke away from me, if she goes anywhere with me now she generally just uses an ecig which is a help to me. :)

Andy and Skid Thanks guys, I am aiming to have fun, this is a much needed holiday :)


Have a great time Nicky.

Only a couple of weeks till my hols!

Stay strong buddie! xx

Bev xx ::cool::cool::cool:


Thanks TG and Bev :)


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