2 Years - 730 Days

2 years since I quit today! Doesn't feel like 2 seconds ago I decided to quit!

I never think about smoking anymore. Feels like I'm cheating to keep clocking up the years now, because it's so easy! I Don't mean that to sound bad, I hope it encourages people as to what lies ahead.

Good luck everybody just starting with their quit, it really does get easier!

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  • A very well done to you, bet you are proud

    An inspiration to us newbies!



  • Ets, many congratulations from me too. :)

    Always lovely to hear that life as a quitter does not stop at the Penthouse door....

  • Thanks for the replies!

    Hope everyone is successful with their quits!

  • Nice one, I agree that its really great when smoking becomes just someting you used to do and has no real significance any more.

  • Well done Ets!!


  • Congratulations mate, 2 years is brilliant p.s I'm so glad ur back you have been missed xx

  • Congratulations on two years - a brilliant achievment!

  • Thanks a lot everybody!

    2 years, 1 day and 9 hours now lol

  • :D:D:D



    It dont seem that long ago since you were entering the penthouse

    well done hun



  • Well done to you, this is my next milestone too but i still have 5 months to go yet :)

  • Many thanks everyone for the support again.

    It really is amazing the community we've got on here.

    I hope as many people as possible realise it definitely is possible and kick this stupid habit!

  • Way to go!!!

    Two years is an awesome milestone - one I'm sure you thought was completely unimaginable way back when. But you did it, and so can everyone here.

    Good work!

    Now it's on to three!

  • Well done Ets, so nice to hear that it gets that much easier.:)

  • Echo all of that, you've been a voice of truth and reason and it's great to see you're still looking after your quit. Nice one Ets, great stuff! :)

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